15 Times Kylie Jenner Went Makeup-Free & Looked Ordinary

15 Times Kylie Jenner Went Makeup-Free & Looked Ordinary

Kylie Jenner

Since the major beauty and style transformation Kylie Jenner made years ago, we've been used to seeing her one specific way: all glammed up and ready for the cameras, wearing plenty of makeup and hair extensions. We can't imagine how much work that Kylie (and her team) must put into creating her look on a regular basis, but even she has to take a break from all the cosmetics once in a while, just like any of us do. And when she does take that break and the photos surface -- whether they're from the paparazzi or photos she's shared herself on Instagram -- people are always taken aback by how different she looks.

Most of the time, Kylie looks like a mini Kim Kardashian, totally made up and flaw free. But she's not just a celebrity and reality star, she's a person -- and once in a while, she will be seen without makeup. 

It's just life! 

Anyone who's seen Keeping Up With the Kardashians is probably familiar with Kylie's makeup-free face. She's been seen on the show multiple times over the years skipping out on all the extra glam because the situation simply doesn't call for it! When these situations roll around, we always love to see the differences, because even though Kylie's beautiful either way, it's nice to know that celebs look a lot closer to our daily looks without makeup -- and the help of glam squads. 

Read on for the times that Kylie has decided to go without makeup and looked more "ordinary" than usual. But since this is Kylie we're talking about, a lot of the time, her version of ordinary is still pretty darn gorgeous.

  • Straight Out of Isolation


    While the world was hanging out at home, in April 2020, Kylie took a break from self-isolation to visit her friend, Stassie Karanikolaou, and she was at her max amount of chill: barefoot, hair up, and no makeup on. For many of us, this is just what we look like on a day-to-day basis -- especially if we're just hanging out with a BFF -- but it was striking to see this change in Kylie's usually glam look.

  • Wearing Avocado PJs


    In a video that Kylie filmed for her Instagram Stories, she gave fans a peek at her without any makeup on, wearing her pajamas. Of course, most of us aren't wearing makeup by the time we put our PJs on, but knowing Kylie, we wouldn't have been surprised if she was made up anytime the cameras are around. But nope, she went totally natural, showing off a bare face for the occasion. 

  • Showing Off Her Skin