Tori Roloff Responds to Accusation She's Not Happy About Amy & Chris' Engagement

Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff, Amy Roloff

Is there bad blood happening in the Roloff family, specifically between Tori Roloff and mother-in-law Amy Roloff? After the latest episode of Little People Big World, some people were upset about Tori's reaction to Amy's engagement that has some Roloff fans questioning if Tori has underlying issues with Amy. Welp, one critic tried to come for Tori, and this mama of two made time in her day to respond.

  • On the recent episode of 'Little People Big World,' Amy announced that she's engaged to Chris Marek. 

    Of course, this happened months ago, but now that the show is back, we finally get to see her share the news with her family ... and Zach and Tori didn't exactly shower her with congratulations right away. Zach seemed pretty surprised, while Tori straight up said, "What?!"

    Amy Roloff and Chris Marek have been together for some time now (a few years), so their engagement was pretty much inevitable in many ways.

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  • Zach and Tori were definitely taken aback by the news, and some fans weren't impressed by their reaction.

    According to the Hollywood Gossip, one commenter in particular wrote this message on Tori's Instagram that may have been deleted:

    "That woman deserves the world and for your husband to be so selfish not to accept the fact that she made that decision the least you as a mother could have been somewhat happy for her. You both sitting there didn't even say congratulations. Her own friends were more happy than her own family. Sorry if it wasn't about you and Zach lol like be happy for her I mean her ex husband was banging the person who now lives at the farm and about to take over the farm!! Horrible I felt bad for Amy the woman is always here for the grandkids and now Zach goes with a face like get real dude your mother doesn't even need your permission."


  • Tori, however, was quick to share that she and Zach are happy for Amy.

    "You clearly didn't watch the whole episode," Tori Roloff wrote, adding a peace sign emoji. "We're stoked for @amyjroloff and love her so much." 

    There we have it -- straight from Tori herself. She and Zach are thrilled for Amy and Chris to start this next chapter in her life (just as they should be), because we haven't seen Amy as happy as she is now in a very long time. 

    She deserves it!

  • And to Zach's credit, he did explain why he looked so surprised later in the episode. 

    Zach Roloff said that he was uncomfortable talking about his parents' relationships on the show, and he's told them that, so finding out that his mom was engaged for the first time while cameras were rolling really crossed that boundary for him -- and he needed some time to process it.

    "I don't want to be surprised by any news of those relationships on camera," Zach said. "And then she went on camera and surprised me with that news."

    We get why he'd be upset. Family relationships are complicated ... even for the Roloffs.

  • In the end, this short-lived "feud" has a happy ending. 

    And we're really glad, because Amy seems to be a huge part of Tori and Zach's life, especially where their kids are concerned. She's one devoted grandma to Lilah and Jackson for sure. We're so excited for Amy and to see how the rest of her engagement goes. And despite what some fans might think, it seems like her kids are cheering her on every step of the way in her new future with Chris.