Inside Kylie Jenner's New $36.5 Million Mansion

Inside Kylie Jenner's New $36.5 Million Mansion

Kylie Jenner $36.5 million dollar mansion; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

At this point, Kylie Jenner has bought (and in some cases, sold) several mansions, and each has been more expensive and more jaw-dropping than the last. Case in point: The makeup guru and social media influencer's latest purchase is a $36.5 million compound in Holmby Hills, California, which was originally valued at $55 million before the savvy Kylie negotiated herself a savage discount. 

This house is just the most. It's, well ... pretty amazing. (We can't even.)

Kylie's new pad has seven bedrooms, 14 -- yes, fourteen -- bathrooms, a chef's kitchen, game room, indoor theater, outdoor projector, pools and a tennis court, and many other amenities. It's 19,250 square feet, which, for reference, is five times bigger than the gold vault at Fort Knox, one of the few places that holds more money than the young billionaire.

Get this: The compound is just 20 minutes from Kylie's $12 million, 13,000-square-foot Hidden Hills home -- which she STILL owns -- but pales in comparison to the new house.

Ahh, to be *that* young and have pocket change in the eight figures to play around with. (Perhaps in another life.) Since we don't even have a sliver of what Kylie has in the bank, we'll simply live vicariously through the 22-year-old. 

This Holmby Hills compound is ultra-modern with the way it uses natural materials, like stone and wood, but still keeps its sleek straight lines that are ready for their Instagram closeup. It also includes a gym, two full apartments that are separate from the main house, and a guardhouse that's probably the size of our entire house.

We suppose that there are those who think that making such a purchase when Kylie is a single mom with just one child is wasteful and obscene. But hey, she can afford it, and it makes her happy, so who are we to judge? When someone is as famous as Kylie Jenner, having a place to call their own -- where there's enough room and privacy to do as they like -- is key to keeping sane. 

It's no wonder that Kylie's house looks like a peaceful resort, simple but full of luxurious details. Kylie has already given us indirect peeks into the house through IG stories and posts, and it looks like she is truly enjoying her new digs. 

Good for her -- and Stormi. 

Here is a look inside Kylie's house in all its multimillion-dollar glory.   

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