Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Reportedly Having Relationship 'Ups and Downs' Since Pregnancy

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Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom
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It's an exciting time for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom now that they're expecting their first child together, but it sounds like the experience hasn't been an easy one on their relationship. Reportedly, Katy and Orlando have been having issues through Katy's pregnancy, and it seems they both have a lot on their plates already.

But with a baby on the way and everything that's going on in the world, we can't say we're surprised.

  • Apparently, their relationship has "changed" since Katy found out she was pregnant. 

    Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom
    Daniele Venturelli/ Getty Images

    As an insider claiming to be close to the couple tells Us Weekly, Katy and Orlando have been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster lately -- not that we blame them. Having a baby is a huge life change, even though Orlando is already a dad to Flynn, 9. 

    "Orlando and her are having some ups and downs right now," the insider said. "Katy is dealing with the nerves of being a first-time parent, and Orlando is stressing about having a baby in their lives at this time."

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  • That doesn't mean Katy's not thrilled to be pregnant, though. 

    "[She] is overjoyed and elated that she is pregnant," the source added. "She's always wanted to be a mom."

    From everything Katy's posted on Instagram, it definitely appears she's over the moon to become a mom to a baby girl later this year. As first timer, we totally get her having nerves but being excited at the same time. Like we said, it's a big change, and being pregnant can be stressful for sure.

  • As far as we can tell, Katy and Orlando seem to be doing all right.

    Not that they'd air their relationship issues online or anything like that (neither of them have been much for sharing drama on social media), but as far as we can tell, they're still together and at least seem happy. After all, in March, he did post this photo of Katy showing off her bump, which is too adorable.

    We'll take this report with a grain of salt ... and cross our fingers it's not true.

  • In their last pregnancy update, the couple shared that their baby is a girl. 

    Earlier this month, Katy shared this photo of Orlando with pink icing all over his face to announce the news, which was kind of adorable. They've been sharing bits and pieces of her pregnancy here and there, and hopefully, more news is on the way. They very well might be having troubles now, but we don't doubt these two can come together and be amazing parents.

  • We're sending these parents all the good vibes.

    Bringing a kid into the world is a lot, especially at a time like this, and even though Orlando's done it before, the last time he had a newborn was almost a decade ago. Now, these two are starting from scratch! We're hoping things between this couple are OK and continue to be OK in the months ahead. It's definitely a stressful time for everyone, but they're both super strong. 

    They can do this!

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