'Little People, Big World' Fans Call for Amy Roloff To Get Spin-Off Amid Drama With Matt

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff

Anyone who's been keeping up with the newest season of Little People, Big World is well aware of all the changes happening. Zach and Tori are expecting their second child (Spoiler: Lilah Ray Roloff is here, and she's adorable.), Amy and Chris are taking their relationship to the next level, and life on Roloff Farm, well, is going to be a bit different -- especially because Amy is moving on. Though this TLC reality series is many months behind real life, a number of fans are growing tired of the drama -- specifically from Matt Roloff and girlfriend Caryn Chandler, it appears -- and are ready for Amy to have her own spin-off series.

  • Prior to Tuesday night's episode, Amy teased Chris' proposal that had folks excited.

    "Woohoo! New episode @TLC Little people BIG World, Tuesday. It's exciting," Amy Roloff teased. "The story of when ♥️ Chris proposes to me ... Woohoo. And more about Zach Tori Jackson, soon to be baby Lilah and Matt and Caryn. I hope you’ll be watching and have fun while we continue to do ‘staying in’. Thank you so much everyone."

    Though Chris Marek proposed to Amy in September, it's great to see how it all went down -- and all of the emotions that came with the territory.

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  • It was clear that some 'LPBW' fans want a spin-off show for Amy.

    Instagram comments

    "Love your show with you and Chris, Zach, Tori, [and] the kids ... but Caryn and Matt just ruins the show for me their negativity. Especially Caryn. Sorry ..." another person added.

    Fans of the show have typically taken sides in the past (some support Amy, and some support Matt Roloff), so it's not surprising to see Amy's followers rally around it. What is, however, interesting is the growing call for a spin-off show as it seems to be growing -- especially because Amy is now engaged and is moving off the farm.

  • There is a clear divide between Amy and Matt Roloff.

    ... literally!

    During a previous episode, Matt revealed a wall he wanted to put up to divide the farm. "You can keep me away just as much as I can keep you away," he mentioned during the clip.

    "This is Matt's wall, like, don't go over it, because you're on his property now. You better watch out," Amy said during a confessional. "Hopefully this won't be the Hatfields and the McCoys."

  • And it looks like people are growing tired of Matt -- and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, too.

    Instagram comments

    Matt and Caryn have come under fire for talking about Amy in the past, so the outrage about that is nothing new. Amy has also received backlash for not "letting go" of the past and letting Caryn and Matt be happy -- so it really goes both ways. But it seems this season is sitting with people differently than those of previous years.

    Is the show -- like the farm -- no longer big enough for Amy and Matt?

  • Is it time for things to switch up?

    Though Matt has said in the past Little People, Big World can play up the drama from time to time and that there really isn't too much tension like we see on TV, Amy has hinted about behind-the-scenes drama on more than one occasion -- so something is going on.

    We love seeing Amy and Matt live out their next chapters in their respective relationships but do sometimes wonder about the fate of the show as things are quite different now -- and we haven't even mentioned Jeremy and Audrey quitting the show.

    We'll be curious to see how things play out, both on the show and in real life.