Jana Duggar's Net Worth Could Be a Pretty Impressive Number

Jana Duggar

After watching the Duggar family grow up on 19 Kids and Counting, we've been extra curious to find out what the adult children's real lives are like behind the scenes, including oldest daughter Jana Duggar. While she still lives with her parents, she seems happy -- and as a public figure, we have a feeling she must have at least a little money in the bank at this point.

But what's Jana's net worth? There's no exact, confirmed number out there, but here's what we do know. 

  • Reportedly, Jana's net worth is about $400,000. 

    While we're not entirely sure how this figure was calculated, Celebrity Net Worth is reporting that Jana's worth a cool $400K, which is impressive for a 30-year-old woman who doesn't seem to have had a traditional job at this point. Because she and her family have been in entertainment for so long, it's not actually that surprising that she may have some cash in the bank.

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  • Her career remains unknown.

    This is a hard question to answer, because while we feel like we know Jana and her fam from 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, we don't actually have the whole story -- just what TLC chooses to show us. From the show, we can deduce that Jana tends to spend a lot of her time at home, working on DIY projects, and helping around the house, especially when it comes to raising her younger siblings.

  • Jana owns real estate. 

    Part of Jana's wealth may come from the fact that she owns some real estate -- and she got a good deal. According to a deed on file with her county in Arkansas, Jana bought a home in 2016. It doesn't seem like she currently lives in the house, since as far as we can tell, she's still living with Jim Bob and Michelle. Still, owning real estate could definitely help bring her net worth up ... especially because the deed claims she bought it for $1. 


  • She's a social media star.

    Some of Jana's income may also come from Instagram deals and partnerships she's done -- like when she paired up with Citrus and Lemon in 2019 to offer her followers a discount code. Since Jana is a recognizable reality star, and happens to have more than 680,000 followers on the platform, it makes sense that brands would want to work with her and keep that money flowing in.

  • Jana has written a book. 

    In 2014, Jana partnered up with sisters Jill, Jinger, and Jessa Duggar to write a book about their e