Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth Share First Sonogram Pic of Their Rainbow Baby

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth

Our hearts have been overjoyed ever since Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, revealed last month they're expecting another child. These two have definitely been through it, as their previous pregnancy sadly ended in a stilbirth that makes this news bittersweet. Still, Joy and Austin are crying tears of joy as they celebrate their baby girl on the way and are sharing a sonogram photo for fans to see.

  • The happy couple took to Instagram to share the first sonogram photo (that we get to see) of their daughter on the way.

    "Sweet Baby Girl ... we love you more than you know!" they captioned the post. "Seeing those little lips, nose, and hearing her heartbeat made my cry tears of joy!!!! SO soooooo thankful she is growing and healthy! #thankyouLord #sothankful #mybabygirl #21weekspregnant."

    All. Of. The. Feels.

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  • And 'Counting On' fans are gushing over their rainbow baby.

    Instagram comments

    "Beautiful like her mama," Joy-Anna's sister, Jessa Duggar, shared in response to the photo.

    It's so wonderful to see such an outpouring of love, prayers, and support for this family. (We didn't expect anything less, but these days, you just never know.) This baby girl is going to be loved by so many once she makes her grand debut!

  • This baby update comes after Austin and Joy-Anna revealed back in March they're expecting.

    "Yes... it’s true! @austin4site and I are PREGNANT again! Ahhh!!!" Joy-Anna captioned her pregnancy reveal. "It's been quite the crazy journey these last few months, but we are so thankful that mom and baby are healthy!"

    The baby news -- that included a helicopter gender reveal -- comes almost a year after Joy and Austin revealed their second pregnancy ended in stillbirth.

    "We are thankful for the precious hours we were able to hold her in our arms and say our goodbyes. We are thankful that God allowed us to be her parents, and we know that her life -- though it was brief -- has changed our lives forever," Joy-Anna wrote in remembrance of her daughter, Annabell Elise.

  • There have since been a few updates, including a glimpse or two of Joy-Anna's growing bump.

    Joy-Anna Duggar shared this adorable baby bump photo when she was 19 weeks pregnant. "Nineteen weeks! #babygirl #19weekspregnant #somuchlove," she captioned the shot.

    Although we're unsure if we'll get more peeks at her bump before baby girl transitions to this side of the world, we're happy to see whatever Joy and Austin share. She's definitely glowing!

  • We're so excited for this family!

    With Joy halfway through her pregnancy, it's only a matter of time before the Duggar-Forsyth family grows. We truly hope for a safe, healthy, and happy remainder of the pregnancy. Heaven knows we're sending good vibes given the state of the world for this family (and everyone else of course) to stay protected!

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