20 Ways Meghan & Harry's Royal Departure Isn't Going as Planned

Martha Sorren | Apr 8, 2020 Celebrities
20 Ways Meghan & Harry's Royal Departure Isn't Going as Planned
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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For those who don't know, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had big plans when they announced on Instagram in January that they were stepping back as senior royals to become "financially independent" and to launch their own charity. A lot has changed since then in their own family, and all across the world. It's made it so that their departure hasn't exactly gone according to plan.

Almost immediately after announcing their intent to withdraw from royal life, Meghan and Harry were hit with a backlash of negativity. Everyone from fans to the press to Meghan's dad seemed to disapprove of their decision. The last time a royal exited in such dramatic fashion, it was King Edward VIII abdicating the throne.

Edward's abdication is actually what eventually forced Elizabeth II to take over as Queen at a young age. The topic of a royal leaving their duties must be a sensitive one for her. Although she remained cordial in her statements following Meghan and Harry's announcement, one could read between the lines and see she was likely upset.

However, eventually the Sussexes were able to come to an agreement with the royal family that amounted to them renouncing their titles and royal perks to retreat to normal life. But the problems with this next phase didn't end there. As we've noted below, there are at least 20 ways this has already gone sideways, and the couple has only officially not been royals for a handful of days. April 1 was the start of their next chapter, and things are still pretty rocky on all fronts.

Here's why things haven't gone according to plan.