16 Ways Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Could Be an Unstoppable Hollywood Couple

16 Ways Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Could Be an Unstoppable Hollywood Couple
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Now that Harry and Meghan have moved to Los Angeles, everyone is wondering just what their plans are for conquering Hollywood and getting super rich -- because no one of their fame and influence moves to LA for the weather and the avocados. And let's face it, the couple needs Hollywood, a place that Meghan knows intimately, where lots of money can be made quickly, and where their recently revealed Archewell foundation can get started in a big way. 

Sure, Meghan came into her marriage with a few million in the bank, and Harry's net worth of about $40 million is nothing to sneeze at -- until we realize that that's pocket change compared to what Hollywood heavyweights have collecting dust in their bank accounts, and what they pull in every year. Meghan and Harry need money to maintain their lifestyle, high security costs included.

And Meghan and Harry need Hollywood to help them push their plans to make deep social change a reality in a more meaningful way than by shaking hands, waving at crowds, and going home to a castle. 

Harry and Meghan are already superstars, but mass media can propel them and their causes to go supernova. 

There are so many things that the couple can do in Hollywood -- the global center for movies, television, streaming services -- basically anything and everything that reaches a lot of people at the same time. And it's also home to lots of people who know how to leverage their fame, not just for charitable causes but also for their own financial gain, through talent-based work as well as investment opportunities.

So the question isn't what can Harry and Meghan do in Hollywood. It's more like, What can't they do? Well, to be fair, the answer to that is: Make bad choices that will sully their brand and that of the royal family that, yes, they are still a part of. 

Short of that, there's a lot they can do. Here are some thoughts on what kinds of things we think they can do in Tinseltown.

  • Producing

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    For people who are understand they still belong to the royal family (Harry and Archie, are, after all, still sixth and seventh in line for the British throne, respectively), staying behind the camera seems like a no-brainer. We could see them easily landing a producing deal with a top  streaming service like Netflix, or multi-platform entertainment company like Disney to produce prestige projects. 

  • Production Projects

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    So, what kinds of projects might a Sussex production company put out? Well, they could model a deal after the one that the Obamas -- who have said they're *wink* totally not *wink wink* advising the couple post-exit -- inked with Netflix. That would mean a wide variety of projects. The former president and first lady have already put out a documentary, and there are plans to roll out a biopic of abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass, a children's show, a series set in post World War II New York, more documentaries, and much more.  

  • Producing Experience

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    Harry and Meghan aren't exactly veterans at producing, but they do already have one project under their belt. Last year, they announced that they'd partnered with powerhouse Oprah Winfrey -- who was at their May 2018 wedding and hung out with Meghan's mom, Doria -- to co-create and executive-produce a multi-part documentary series about mental health. The series is scheduled to debut on Apple TV some time in 2020.  

  • Voiceover Work

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    The Meghan-narrated documentary Elephants debuted in April 2020 on Disney Plus. Her fee was donated to an elephant charity, as she was still a working member of the royal family, but as that is no longer the case -- so there's no reason that she and Harry can't make money doing that type of work. We could totally see both Meghan and Harry narrating documentaries and other uplifting  programming.

  • Acting

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    OK, this seems far-fetched at the moment. After all, Meghan left acting to pursue a completely different lifestyle of public service at Harry's side -- and of course, Harry has exactly zero acting experience. Although they quit their working royal gigs, we don't think they'll stray from that mission of humanitarian work, given their plans to form a nonprofit. 

    But. But. We don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that later on in the future -- once they've established themselves and the dust kicked up by their bombshell departure, has settled -- that Meghan would take on a small role in a prestige film. 

    For a prestige salary, of course.

  • Acting Experience

    meghan markle acting in suits
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    Meghan has plenty of on-camera experience, of course. Though she never joined the ranks of the A-listers (let's be real, wasn't exactly the second coming of Meryl Streep), she did well enough for herself in Hollywood -- between her regular stint on Suits, and small roles in movies. She's engaging enough to watch onscreen, and audiences would probably find her even more interesting now. As for Harry, we know that he and pal George Clooney share a love of motorcycles. We could totally see a Travel Channel or Netflix special where they do a cross-country bike tour and talk life, the universe, and everything. 

  • Book or Movie Deal

    meghan markle signing book
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    Book publishers and Hollywood used to be to different worlds, but nowadays, Hollywood often comes knocking on author's doors before a book even launches -- and they bring giant checks with them. If they shell out big bucks for unknown writers, how much more interest and money would Meghan and Harry get to do a movie based on their memoirs, or nonfiction books -- or really anything they care to put down on paper? 


  • Book Experience

    meghan markle at hubb community kitchen
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    Meghan worked on a charity cookbook to benefit victims of London's Grenfell Towers fire, Together: Our Community Cookbook. She was also rumored to be working on a children's book about her rescue dogs. Meghan has already inspired totally unauthorized children's books like The Duchess and Guy (about her relationship her rescue beagle mix), and Meghan Sparkle and the Royal Baby, not to mention quickie biographies and a coloring book on the couple -- so why not go ahead and cash in in some way? Just don't expect books by Harry and Meghan to be tell-alls about royal life. That would be destructive for them and their family, and there's no reason for them to do that.

  • Reality Show

    prince harry and meghan markle at polo match with son archie
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    OK, we should probably file this one under "not gonna happen but it would be so much fun," but we have to say that between the drama over their leaving "the Firm," as the royal family is nicknamed, their inspiring love story, their embarrassing relatives, and their new life in LA, they could make a mint overnight by reinventing themselves in the image of the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian's net worth is $350 million. Just sayin'. We'd watch Keeping Up With the Sussexes.

  • A Different Kind of Reality

    prince harry and meghan markle in
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    But what if the reality show were something actually positive and worthwhile, like a show that simply followed them around as they do their charitable work? They already tested the waters with that one during their tour of southern Africa, in which a friend produced a short doc on their experiences there. And British Vogue also put out behind the scenes footage of Meghan working on the issue that she guest edited. Clearly, both are comfortable being on camera. A limited series showcasing their efforts would do well.

  • Talk Show

    prince harry with a little girl in chile
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    People (read: Meghan haters who blame her for "taking Harry away from his family") often forget just how active and out-of-the-box thinker Harry has always been, and how much he's always wanted to do things his own way. This is a man who served on the front lines of a war and started the Invictus Games for disabled military vets, so hosting his own talk show is actually seems like a natural fit for the chatty charmer who is a born entertainer. He's smart, funny, has a great voice, and is easy on the eyes. Prince Harry also met all kinds of people thanks to being raised in the royal family, so he's got a lot to say -- and ask.

  • Interviewing Experience

    prince harry and barack obama
    Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation

    Harry dipped his feet into journalism, interviewing former President Barack Obama in a wide-ranging BBC Radio interview in 2017. He was pretty good during the piece. We could totally see him doing, if not a full-fledged talk show -- or at least a limited series like Netflix's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, a series of fun, and engaging in-depth interviews with all kinds of famous people.

  • Strategic Appearances

    meghan markle at the british fashion awards
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    Meghan and Harry are in LA for a reason, and it ain't to work as cast members at Disneyland -- or solely to be near Meghan's mom Doria, though she's one cool lady. Nope, they're there to make money moves in Hollywood. Whatever that means for them, we don't expect to see Meghan walking around shopping on Rodeo Drive or the couple being fixtures on morning shows or late night shows. They'll make key appearances to promote their projects and give their brand shine.  For example, we'll make this prediction for 2021, right here, right now: One of them, probably Meghan, will present the Academy Award for Best Documentary at the next Oscars. 

  • Start a Business

    prince harry and meghan markle talking with a group
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    Although plenty of people in Hollywood have made hundreds of millions off movies and TV alone (think Cameron Diaz, who retired off her involvement in the Shrek films), Meghan and Harry are likely not the next Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, or Tom Cruise. That would take decades of build-up, and they don't have that kind of time, or that specific kind of know-how. But, like plenty of other celebrities they could get super rich quick by starting a business by themselves, or with other famous friends and business partners. Think Jessica Alba, who started the successful Honest brand of organic baby products, or Kylie Jenner, who turned a lip kit into a billion-dollar beauty business. Others, like Kate Hudson (Fabletics), and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Foodstirs), have also made money this way.

  • Business Friends, Part I

    amal and george clooney
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    If Harry and Meghan ever want to start or invest in a business, they have plenty of friends and even family to tap into for advice. The couple's friend, Oprah, of course, started her own empire from scratch. Harry's dad, Prince Charles, started an organic food company in the 1990s. But in terms of Hollywood celebrities who got rich through business, their best example would be George Clooney, who, along with his human rights lawyer wife Amal, is good friends with the couple. Though Clooney made his first millions through blockbuster movies, he and a group of friends struck it truly rich when they started their own tequila company, Casamigos, which they later sold in a $1 billion deal. 

    Don't think Harry and Meghan have picked Clooney's brain about this, and what type of business to start that wouldn't sully their brand? 

    Think again. 

  • Business Friends, Part II

    meghan markle and serena williams at a sports event
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    We're sure that the Sussexes are getting great financial advice on investing. But for an example of a celebrity making money through socially aware investing -- rather than through starting a company -- Harry and Meghan can simply look to Serena Williams. The tennis GOAT started Serena Ventures which invests in socially conscious companies trying to change the world through their products. That's a blueprint that Harry and Meghan can emulate, since it keeps them in line with their social cause mission. And Serena comes with bonus business savvy: Her husband Alexis Ohanian founded Reddit. 

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