Jon Gosselin's Latest Update Gives a Sweet Nod to Daughter Hannah

Jon Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin

We can't deny that Jon Gosselin and his kids Hannah and Collin have seemed extra happy these days now that they all live together -- especially after his latest update. In a new Instagram post, Jon shared the sweet thing Hannah did for him, and there's no doubt that this girl loves her dad very much. 

It just goes to show that his difficult custody fight was so worth it ... for everyone involved.

  • Jon shared a photo of a birthday cake that Hannah made for him. 

    On April 1, Jon turned the big 4-3, and it looks like his daughter made sure his day was memorable, even during a time when most people are having to cancel their big birthday plans.

    "Quick snap of the bday cake Hannah made, she’s gonna not like that I posted her work!!!" Jon Gosselin wrote. "But I’m proud cuz I could never make a triple chocolate cake with homemade chocolate icing!!! Btw all from scratch!!! No box allowed on my bday!!!"

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  • So many fans chimed in to compliment Hannah on her hard work. 

    Instagram comments

    We have to say we're pretty impressed with Hannah's cake too. After all, it's no easy feat making a cake from scratch instead of using a boxed mix, and it looks like she did a great job -- down to the icing, sprinkles and all. It's clear how much this family loves each other, and it's sweet to see how much extra effort Hannah put in to make sure her dad felt special on his birthday. 

    So sweet!

  • Jon's longtime girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, also wished him a happy birthday in her own Instagram post.

    Alongside this collage of photos of the two of them together, Colleen Conrad wrote, "Happy Birthday to my best friend! I Love you more every day! I feel so blessed that you came into my life! Looking forward to celebrating at home tonight! Stay safe at work today!" 

    Looks like Jon was showered with plenty of love from the ladies in his life as he turned 43. We're sure he adored every minute of it!

  • Hannah, Collin, and Jon have all seemed happier since he got full custody of them.

    It still appears Jon isn't able to see the other kids he shares with Kate Gosselin for the time being, and it's hard to say for sure what's really going on behind the scenes these days. But for now, it looks like he's really soaking in every minute he gets to spend with Hannah and Collin after he spent years (and a lot of money) sitting in courtrooms and fighting to have them live with him full time.

  • We hope the year ahead is a great one for Jon.

    And if Hannah wouldn't mind sharing her cake recipe with us, we're suddenly in the mood to do a little baking! 

    Sending so many birthday wishes to this former reality TV star. He's come a long way since Jon & Kate Plus 8, and we've loved watching him (and his family) grow in the process. We're ready for more updates on Hannah and Collin whenever he's ready to share them.

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