Matt Roloff Defends Himself After Being Accused of 'Pushing' Amy Off the Farm

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler

In case you missed it, the 20th season of Little People, Big World premiered last night. As we expected, the episode highlighted Amy Roloff's steps to leaving the family farm she's called home for over 30 years. (We also got to see the setup for now-fiancé Chris Marek popping the question.) Anyone who's followed this reality star gang knows Amy's departure has been in progress -- even to this day.

... and it looks like Matt is still catching heat as he's being accused of pushing her off the family farm.

  • Matt hit up Instagram before the premiere of the new 'Little People, Big World' season.

    " ... wait... what?? Tonight? #yep #lpbw #premeire @toriroloff @zroloff07 @carynchandler1 They said so," he wrote in his Instagram post ahead of the new season.

    Though we've seen their lives play out in real time -- with Amy's engagement, and Tori and Zach welcoming Lilah -- it will be fun to look back and possibly catch some confessions the Roloffs didn't express on social media.

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  • For the most part, folks loved seeing Matt again -- along with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

    "You two need to get [married] what's the hold up Matt?" one fan questioned in response to his Instagram post.

    "Beautiful couple you both are," added another.

    Matt and Caryn, who made things social media official back in 2017, have quite the history together. Aside from having a loving relationship, Caryn used to be the office manager for Roloff Farm.

  • But that's not stopping critics from chiming in, resulting in Matt defending himself.

    Instagram comments

    "Not a good look when your girlfriend is constantly bad mouting the mother of your children," another commenter wrote."

    This isn't the first time Roloff fans came for Matt and accused him of mistreating Amy. Fans have also accused him of cheating on Amy during their marriage with Caryn -- an accusation that Amy seemingly confirmed last summer, though Matt has denied it.

    (If you don't watch Little People, Big World, things get interesting from time to time.)

  • There has been tension between Matt and Amy about Roloff Farm.

    We've seen this tension play out on the show as Amy and Matt have discussed the fate of the farm on more than one occasion. "I just want to see motion. It doesn't have to be one big wrestling match, it can be done ..." Matt once told Amy during a past episode. 

    At one point, Matt considered selling his portion of the farm, but it was ultimately Amy who decided to go. "Since the divorce, I'm looking at my house differently," Amy revealed during a previous season about the possibility of leaving Roloff Farm. "I have to consider the possibility of needing to move off the farm. I want to be prepared if that day were to come.

    "What kind of leads me to the thought of moving off the farm is that a major thing broke, and that was the marriage," she continued. "I think that was the strength of everything we've done here. If losing the farm meant this family further distanced themselves, then that would be sad I think. But I don't think losing the farm will change the family dynamics."

  • Everyone seems happy now ... so can we let them be?

    With Matt and Amy once living 500 feet apart, something had to give. Amy has expressed wanting change, and it seems she has that -- with a wedding on the way, a new house, and a new outlook on life. Matt also seems happier now, so maybe we should just let them be as navigating the reality of parting ways with the farm has got to be hard.