Kate Middleton's Ringless Hand Ignites Royal Fan Speculation

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When Kate Middleton and Prince William share ultra-private photos from their own home with the public, it's a given that royal fans are going to look at every last detail in the pics, hoping to gain a little more insight into the Cambridges' lives. And look they did when William and Kate shared their work from home photos on Instagram recently!

The biggest takeaway from eagle-eyed royalphiles who scanned the Cambridges' photos with a fine-toothed comb? That Kate Middleton isn't wearing her engagement ring these days. And yep, there are theories as to why.

  • Check out the second photo, the one of Kate, shared on the Kensington Palace Instagram. Notice anything different about the duchess?

    As we already pointed out, she's not wearing her massive sapphire engagement ring that, for all intents and purposes, has become part of Kate's uniform. She's rarely spotted without the stunner on, which as we all know, once belonged to Princess Diana

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  • The theory as to why? She, like the rest of the world right now, has taken her hand-washing game to a new level.

    People looked into the benefits Kate Middleton may reap by ditching her iconic ring for the time being. Citing a 2018 study from Georgia State University, that determined that rings provide “a protected area [on the skin] in which bacteria can flourish," the outlet concluded that's why Kate may be forgoing her signature jewel for the time being. 

    That said, although Kate's sapphire engagement ring, as well as her diamond eternity band, was missing, the duchess was still seen wearing her simple Welsh gold wedding band.

  • It is worth noting though, that while while Kate usually wears her ring, there is one occasion she usually leaves it behind.

    ... When she visits hospitals. 

    As People pointed out, the Duchess of Cambridge usually forgoes her engagement ring when visiting hospitals, so as to adhere to protocol. When visiting the Evelina London Children’s Hospital in January, Kate stuck to the hospital’s policy on minimal jewelry, and when opening the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Mittal Children’s Medical Centre in 2018, she went without her ring as well.

  • Of course, there may be another reason Kate wasn't wearing her ring when working from home. 

    Maybe she just doesn't like to be dripping in jewels when she's in the comfort of her own home!

    Or, as Holly Willoughby, host of the British talk show This Morning, pointed out: Maybe Kate decided to take her rings off because she keeps forgetting them to put them back on after washing her hands. 

    Probably don't want to leave that ring lying on a sink basin, no?

  • Ring, no ring. No matter what Kate's wearing, she's always 100% princess to us. 

    It takes a certain person who can pair a set of bike shorts and a windbreaker with the world's most famous sapphire and diamond ring -- and make it look casual. And on the flip side, Kate looked just as regal in her pink pantsuit without the show-stopper.  

    As for us? We'll be chillin' in sweats, no jewelry, and minimal makeup in the upcoming weeks, thankyouverymuch. 

    We may not look like royalty, but doggone, we'll be comfy.  

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