Kate Middleton & Prince William Offer a Rare Look at How They Work From Home

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Prince William and Kate Middleton smiling at each other
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The coronavirus that’s spreading all over the world has impacted parents in more ways than one. We’ve been thrown into homeschooling our kids as schools shut down, we have moved our office work to home, and we're juggling our work and kids at the same time right now. Well, as it turns out, the royal family isn’t any different right now either. They, too, are juggling both kids and work. Kate Middleton and Prince William offered a rare look into their life at Anmer Hall in Norfolk where they temporarily moved because of COVID-19.

  • Kate Middleton and Prince William, on Instagram, stressed the importance of social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis.

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are using their influence and platform to highlight the importance of taking the coronavirus threat seriously while offering support for people in isolation. The royal couple released new guidance offered by Public Health England that stressed the importance of mental health and provided tips to parents and guardians on how protect the well-being of their children during this unique time.

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  • The royal couple’s words were paired with a rare look at how they are continuing their work at home.

    “The last few weeks have been anxious and unsettling for everyone,” William and Kate wrote on Instagram. “We have to take time to support each other and find ways to look after our mental health. It is great to see the mental health sector working together with the NHS to help people keep on top of their mental well-being. By pulling together and taking simple steps each day, we can all be better prepared for the times ahead.”

  • As they continue their important work, the duke and duchess have their own style, which is evident in the look and feel of each of their offices.

    In the photos, William is on the phone in his home office in Anmer Hall, sitting at a large desk topped with a printer and lamp. 

    In the next picture, Kate, wearing a dusty pink suit, can also be seen on the phone sitting at her desk, which is adorned with a collection of Penguin clothbound classics designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith.

  • Kate makes working from home look effortless and elegant.

    Many of us know that working from home isn’t always glamorous, but the duchess sure makes it look that way. Several people commented on Kate’s elegance.

    “I can’t get over how beautiful, polished, and [sophisticated] Catherine looks in this picture,” one person wrote.

    Another wrote, “How is Catherine so absolutely stunning? She embodies class and sophistication.”

    “Kate’s new ‘do is amazing,” another person chimed in.

    And then the real question comes in with this comment: “Seriously, who looks like that when they work from home with kids running wild inside?”

  • It’s also been reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are homeschooling their three kids.

    William and Kate are among thousands of other parents faced with homeschooling their kids as schools remain closed because of the COVID-19 virus and the need to practice social distancing, according to Express.

    “Dedicated parents Prince William and Kate are understood to be teaching their little ones at home as stringent social-distancing measures remain in place to tackle the spread of coronavirus,” the site noted.

  • So far, the kids and William and Kate Middleton are safe from the coronavirus after Prince Charles tested positive.

    As previously reported, Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19 and is isolated, along with his wife Camilla, in Scotland. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have reportedly moved their family to their country home in Norfolk, Anmer Hall, to provide some distance from the spread in London.

    Queen Elizabeth is said to be in good health and remains at Windsor Castle, moving from Buckingham Palace in mid-March.

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