Jill Duggar Called Out for 'Quarantine Date Night' Photo

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard

Given we are talking about the Duggar family here (let's not sugarcoat this), there's bound to be someone upset about something one of the many siblings (or the parents) said, did, wore, or thought. And it looks like we're continuing this trend as a recent photo Jill Duggar shared with a "Netflix and Chill" sentiment is getting a lot of attention from Counting On fans for not the best reasons.

  • Recently, Jill shared on Instagram how she and hubby Derick Dillard are fitting in date night, given our new normal.

    "New on the blog: Quarantine Date Nights ...⁣ It can be hard to keep your romance alive when you're stuck together all day but being intentional is so important to marriage life," Jill mentions in her Instagram post. "I've got some tips & tricks that help us keep ours strong, click the link in bio or swipe up on stories! ⁣ PS… any good Netflix recs?? ⁣ #stayhome #staysane #datenight."

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  • She continues the conversation about "intentional" and "safe" date nights on her family's blog.

    "We’ve usually had weekly dates out of the house, without the kids, but now we have car dates with the kids or sometimes they end up being in-home pizza dates after the kids are in bed. Whatever your dates look like right now, we are finding that intentionality plays a huge role in whether it happens or not," the former Counting On star continues in her blog post, "Dates: Being Intentional (& Safe) During the Coronavirus."

    Jill Duggar continues:

    "Practicing social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean neglecting important areas in your life, including and especially dating in your marriage. However, it is also necessary for all of us to do our part during this time ... With this in mind, couples everywhere can get creative, deepen their connection with each other, and grow closer during this time rather than succumbing to the strains that are undeniably present. This might include doing marriage questionnaires or personality tests together, listening to podcasts together, keeping up with couples therapy sessions online, looking for outdoor activities to enjoy while also practicing social distancing, such as hiking, fishing, or simply going on a walk around the block. After the kids go to bed, it’s also a good idea to order take-out and support your local restaurants during this time. We are obviously in unprecedented times, but our relationships do not have to be included in the casualties ..."

  • As relatable as Jill's advice sounds, critics cannot get over the lit candle hanging out on the bed.

    Instagram comments

    "Fire hazard," another commenter wrote in response to Jill's post.

    Granted, having a lit candle on any unstable surface -- let alone the bed (maybe they have sheets that aren't flammable ... kidding) -- is probably not the best or smartest decision, we have no idea if Jill and Derick actually kept the candle in question on the bed. Maybe she thought this shot looked good before putting the block of wax elsewhere.

    We don't know.

  • It seems like Jill is quite the "rebel" these days.

    Aside from turning heads with this candle, Jill recently did something else that caught people's attention: She enrolled Israel in public school. Israel will be starting kindergarten in the fall and will be the first Duggar grandchild who won't be homeschooled.

    Guess she's living on the edge these days.

  • ... but maybe we can give her a break on this one?

    There's enough in this world to worry about -- like a global health crisis, for example, or unemployment, having to homeschool our children, etc. etc. -- to be worried about a candle on Jill's bed. We'd like to think she and Derick have the common sense to not put their family's well-being in jeopardy by keeping a lit candle on the bed, so maybe we can give them the benefit of the doubt?