Mady Gosselin Posts an Important Reminder During Her Time at Home

Mady Gosselin and Kate Gosselin

With all that's going on, thanks to the c-word, practically everyone these days is (or should) staying indoors for the sake of social distancing -- and that includes college students. As the global health crisis continues, Mady Gosselin is spending more time at home with her mom, Kate Gosselin, and the siblings who still live with her. It looks like we're getting another update from the young adult that comes with an important message.

  • The 19-year-old hit up Instagram to share a photo of herself and a message about the importance of staying home.

    "Hi from my house! :)" Mady writes in her Instagam post. "I hope everyone who is able to is staying home as much as possible during this time. just a reminder that this is what we can do to protect the vulnerable people in our communities. stay safe & healthy xx"

    Y'all heard her -- stay in the house (if you can)!

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  • Needless to say, her followers are in complete agreement and are happy she's speaking up.

    Instagram comments

    With so many new cases popping up and people dying because of what's going on, there needs to be a reminder -- and then another reminder -- to heed the warnings and do what we can to protect our families. This is definitely a time of uncertainty, and although we can't control what others do, we can do our part that, hopefully, will make a difference.

  • This isn't the first update from home Mady has shared. 

    Just a couple days ago, Mady posted a Tik Tok video to show how she's keeping busy while being "stuck" at the house. "Stuck in the house, what are we suppose to do," her caption read. Clearly, Mady and her sibs are doing their best to entertain themselves (LOL).

  • And it likely won't be her last.

    Given we have no clue how long this social distancing and self-isolating is going to last (we're crossing our fingers it will end sooner than later, but know that won't be the case), something tells us that we are going to see more Mady updates from the Gosselin house. 

    (Honestly, we're here for it.)

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