Matt Roloff Explains Why He's Not Moving Into Amy's Old House on the Farm

Matt Roloff

It's been a year of big changes for the Roloff family, and Matt Roloff is opening up about the future of Roloff Farm. In a new interview, Matt revealed he's not moving into Amy's old house now that she's moving into a place of her own, and his explanation makes a lot of sense. As far as we can tell, it seems like both halves of this former couple are looking for a fresh start at this point.

  • Recently, Matt appeared on the 'First Class Fatherhood' podcast to talk about himself and the show.

    Since the premiere of the new season of Little People, Big World is right around the corner (next week, in fact), it makes sense that he's making the rounds to publicize the show. And as fans, we get to hear all kinds of new intel about what's been happening behind the scenes with this famous family recently. 

    As far as the fate of Roloff Farm? It's definitely not going anywhere, because Matt has big plans.

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  • Matt shared that he wants to build his own home and leave Amy's house empty. 

    He's hoping to break ground on the new house this year, and he's designing it himself from the ground up so that it'll be accessible for him and his needs -- and a bit smaller, too. No wonder he doesn't want Amy's place! 

    "Everyone's probably wondering if I'm staying in Amy's house that she's moving out of, and I want to build a different house," he said.

  • Instead, he wants to save Amy's house for his kids.

    "I'll leave that for one of the kids," Matt Roloff added. "Hopefully they'll take that over after she moves out. She talked about moving out for awhile, but she still has her things over there and so as soon as she's out, we're gonna stand back and decide what to do with that house. Meanwhile, I'm gonna start designing a new house here on another part of the farm that's on the other side of the property. I'm excited about that."

    Hmm -- we wonder which of his kids could end up moving in? Both Tori and Zach, and Audrey and Jeremy welcomed new babies recently, so it could be a great choice for any of them and their growing families. 

  • We already know that Amy is on her way out of the house.

    Amy has been keeping fans updated on her moving process, and it seems like she's handling most of it herself, so we get why it's taking her a bit longer to do rather than if she had movers on hand to do the heavy lifting for her. But she truly does seem excited about starting this new chapter in her life, and we're sure she'd be thrilled to have one of her kids living in her old home. 

  • We're looking forward to seeing what this family is up to next.

    After a year full of fresh starts, new babies, and now, a new season of Little People Big World, it's been a really exciting time for the Roloffs. We're looking forward to catching up with them on the show again, and in the meantime, we'll never get tired of interviews like this -- or their Instagram updates, especially the ones involving photos of cute babies. 

    Here's hoping that house finds its perfect new owners.