Jinger Duggar Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With Cryptic Post

Jinger Duggar

We've been wondering when Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo would plan to have baby number two, and now, it sounds like we might have our answer ... sorta. Recently, Jinger shared an Instagram post that included a very suspicious hashtag that could point to her being pregnant already. She's not talking, but we're more curious than ever if Felicity is going to be a big sister later this year! 

  • It all started when Jinger shared this video on Instagram.

    Jinger and Felicity sat at the piano together to play "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands" as part of a musical challenge started by the organization Swan4Kids. It was a pretty precious video, especially because Jinger's daughter was dancing along and gave her a huge round of applause at the end. 

    We're impressed by Jinger's talent (those years of piano lessons as a kid really paid off!) but what really caught people's eye were the hashtags.

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  • Jinger referenced pregnancy in one of her hashtags, which she quickly deleted. 

    Although the hashtag disappeared so quickly that a lot of followers may have missed it, according to In Touch, she also added "#HealthyFitPregnancy" to the list of hashtags used at the end of her caption on the post. After a little investigation, some fans were able to figure out that nobody else's post on the subject included that hashtag, so it seems like something Jinger added herself ... not something that she accidentally pasted in.

  • Fans wasted no time asking questions about the hashtag in the comments. 

    Instagram comments

    We can't blame Duggar fans for being curious. Jinger hasn't announced a pregnancy, so if she did slip that in there on accident, she can consider the cat officially out of the bag. People have been speculating for a while when Jinger will have another baby, and fans have been keeping an eye out for clues for months. This would be a really big clue ... and one that seems to be totally unintentional.

  • So far, Jinger hasn't spoken out about the hashtag slip. 

    Obviously, everyone should have the chance to announce a pregnancy when they feel ready to, whether that person happens to be a celebrity or not. 

    Anything is possible here. It could have been an accidental paste -- even though we've seen no evidence of that so far -- or it may actually mean that Jinger's pregnant. Either way, let's let the lady breathe and announce her news in her own time ... if there's any news to announce.

  • Whatever's going on, hopefully Jinger will fill us in soon. 

    Whether Jinger Duggar is expecting another baby or not, we still love keeping up with her little family. Felicity is so cute, and seeing new updates on her and how she's growing and changing really brightens our days. Here's hoping we'll find out if Jinger's expecting soon, but if not, that's OK too. 

    This girl has been surrounded by reality TV cameras for most of her life, but she deserves privacy!