16 Precious Ways Archie Already Takes After Prince Harry

Nicole Pomarico | Mar 26, 2020 Celebrities
16 Precious Ways Archie Already Takes After Prince Harry
Image: Toby Melville/Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince Harry, Archie, Meghan Markle
Toby Melville/Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

The phrase "like father, like son" has been around forever, and it definitely applies when it comes to Prince Harry and his son, Archie. Over the past year (has it seriously been that long?!) we've gotten to see Harry and Meghan Markle become parents for the first time, and in the process, we've seen Archie grow up through the glimpses of him they've chosen to share and the details about his personality that have made their way into the press. From everything we've seen, and what we know about this little guy, it's pretty clear that he already takes after his father in so many ways, and we have a feeling they'll only become more alike as he gets older.

Of course, we're sure that there are traits he's picking up from his mom, too. From what we've heard, Archie is a pretty friendly baby, and we've seen how kind Meghan is to everyone she meets. We can tell the ways he takes after her in his looks, too, but so far, it seems he definitely favors Harry more. He may not have much hair, but we can already tell that it's red just like his dad's, and that their baby pictures are practically identical.

Archie hasn't even been on Earth for a full year yet, but there are already so many ways we can tell that Archie is taking after his father. Read on to see how incredibly alike this father and son duo really are. They may be spending less time in the spotlight (and a lot more time in Canada) these days, but we can't wait for more photos and updates so we can see how he continues to grow and who he takes after as he becomes a big kid.

He's lucky to have Harry and Meghan as his parents, and he and his dad will probably end up best buds in the future. Their relationship is already so sweet! 

  • Red Hair

    Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Archie
    Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

    One of the most striking similarities between Harry and Archie is the fact that they both have red hair -- which pretty cool since we would have assumed that Archie might have inherited Meghan's darker locks! "He's a happy baby," a source close to the royal family told People last year. "He has lovely, puffy little legs and tufts of reddish hair. He's really adorable."

  • Facial Features

    Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

    Of course, just looking at him, we can totally see where he takes after both of his parents ... but at this point, we'd say that Archie definitely looks a bit more like his dad than his mom -- although that could totally change as he gets older. Like we said before, Archie has his dad's hair, and it already looks like he might have his dad's eyes, too. He's going to be one handsome guy! 

  • The 'Royal Look'


    Not every baby is born into royalty, but it's like Archie was made for this. We haven't seen too many photos of this little guy so far (after all, he hasn't even turned a year old yet), but many of the ones we have seen were taken at his christening in 2019. On that day, in his very fancy gown, he looked perfectly regal -- just like all the royals who have come before him, including his dad.

  • Regular Guy


    As Prince Harry has proven by the way he stepped down from being a senior royal in favor of a quieter life traveling between the UK and North America and more privacy, it seems like at heart, he's a pretty regular dude. And so far, Archie is the same. He might know how to bring it when he dresses up for a special occasion, but we get the vibe that he wants to live life as normally as possible, especially since he doesn't have a royal title.

  • Canada Love


    Meghan and Harry haven't shared too many details about what their lives are like in Canada quite yet. After all, they haven't been there that long, and of course, they want more privacy than ever before. But judging by this photo that the couple shared of Archie and Harry to celebrate the new year, it looks like Archie's fitting in perfectly, just like his dad. 

    He was made for a winter wardrobe! 

  • Mr. Flirt

    Meghan Markle, Archie
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    We've always seen Prince Harry as somewhat of a flirt, and according to what happened when Meghan and Archie met Desmond Tutu and his daughter, it seems like Archie is following in his footsteps in that department. "He likes to flirt," Meghan admitted during their meeting, according to Us Weekly. 

    Yep, that sounds like something he must have inherited from his dad! 

  • Traveling Pro


    Not many babies can say they've traveled to several other continents all within the first year of their life, but Archie certainly can. He made a big trip to South Africa when his parents went on a tour there in fall 2019, and now, he's living in a totally different country from the one he was born in. Harry's done a fair share of traveling himself, so maybe he's going to pass that passion on to his son.

  • Smarty Pants


    Prince Harry has always seemed like an intelligent guy, and it sounds like that's something he's passed on to his son, too -- not that we ever doubted it, since he has two smart parents.

    "He's a strong baby and you can tell he's super smart," a source close to the royal fam told Us Weekly in November. "He can sit up without support and roll over, and he's almost crawling. He can't talk yet, but he's trying!"

  • Little Troublemaker

    Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Archie
    Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

    We've always seen Harry as a troublemaker himself, from his mischievous teen years to his rebellious nature. After all, he did marry an American woman and then choose to leave the royal life behind, which is definitely rebellion in the royal family. And apparently, Archie is the same way already. 

    Someone who spoke to Meghan during her recent visit to the UK told Hello! magazine that Meghan said that Archie is "into everything" these days. Yep, that has Harry written all over it... 

  • Twinning


    Here's a photo of Harry as a child, and we can't help but notice how much he looks like his son. Of course, just by looking at Archie, it's easy to see that he's inherited a lot of his dad's good looks already, but looking at a younger version of Harry really makes us wonder if Archie will end up being his dad's twin as he gets older and we see more of what he looks like. 

    They're both too cute! 

  • The Queen's Love 

    Queen Elizabeth
    Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    The Queen and Harry have always seemed to have a special relationship. We don't want to say that she plays favorites, but she definitely has a lot of love for Harry, and it seems that love has translated to Archie, too. In fact, Elizabeth already has a birthday gift for Archie picked out that she wants to give him for his first birthday. That sounds like love to us. Here's hoping they'll get to spend some time together soon. 

  • Sports Fan

    Archie jersey
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    Harry's never been shy about how much he loves sports, and it sounds like that particular hobby may end up being one that he and Archie share when he gets a little older. Already, he's been given so many tiny jerseys as gifts (this one is too precious) and Archie's even been wearing one of his rugby jerseys lately, a photo of which Harry sent to the team to show off. We can't wait to see if he ends up being an athlete! 

  • Outgoing Nature

    Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Archie
    Dominic Lipinski - WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Considering his line of work, Harry has to be a pretty outgoing person, and honestly, the times we've seen him happiest are when he's out there, interacting with people. Now, it sounds like he might just have taught his son to be the same way, according to a source who witnessed Archie at a play group

    "Archie had a fantastic time. He was crawling around and was particularly taken with two other red-haired babies," the witness told People. "The Duke said: 'Gingers stick together!'"

  • Meghan Markle's World

    Meghan Markle
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    From the beginning of their relationship all the way to today, it's been obvious that Meghan absolutely adores Harry, and now, she has that same feeling for Archie, too. There's so much that can be said for a mom's bond with her kid, especially Meghan's, who planned to celebrate her birthday with Archie last year. 

    "Prince Harry will be back from Google Camp in Sicily, where he gave a speech about the fight against climate change, so they’ll be spending Meghan’s birthday quietly as a family," royal correspondent Omid Scobie told Katie Couric in 2019. "The Sussexes have been so busy this year that I can imagine her birthday will simply involve a well-deserved day of rest with a few friends -- and, of course, precious moments with Archie."

    • Mysterious

      DOMINIC LIPINSKI/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

      There's a lot we don't know about Archie -- he's a pretty mysterious dude. In fact, there's been a fair bit of speculation that Archie may have even been born earlier than the public is aware, and Meghan and Harry have obviously worked overtime to protect his privacy. 

      We also don't know a lot of things about Harry's personal life, either, especially when it comes to his recent decisions to leave the UK. 


    • Low-Key Behavior

      Meghan Markle, Prince Harry
      TOBY MELVILLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

      We haven't seen much of Archie since he was born, and it's clear that Meghan and Harry are working overtime to ensure that Archie's privacy remains intact. Maybe Archie's just a low-key kind of guy, much like his dad? No need to make a big deal of anything, Archie's just out there somewhere in Canada doing his own thing, keeping a low profile and rolling with the punches. 


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