Our Favorite Stars Reading Children's Books Online Gives Parents a Much-Needed Break

Betty White reading a children's book

With everyone staying indoors and away from people (at least 6 feet, that is), thanks to the global health concern that shall remain nameless, we think it's safe to say that parents likely need a break ... and a strong cocktail. Between trying to figure out work with our new normal, many of us have been tasked with homeschooling our children -- who obviously did not get the memo that staying home does not mean acting like they're on a month-long (or more) vacation -- there is a resource for parents that, apparently, has been around for some time.

Celebrities have been reading children's books online for our kiddos to enjoy. And should any parent need a break from taking on the task, a number of stars have got us covered.

  • Over 60 stars have taken the time to read children's books online.

    The Hula-Hoop Queen with Oprah Winfrey? 

    Um, yes please!

    The queen of talk has a 13-minute YouTube video dedicated to the story of a young girl with her heart set on on participating in a hoopin' competition. We don't need a ton of reasons (none, actually) for Oprah to be on any of our screens, so we'll happily tune in for this.

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  • The YouTube channel has been around for several years, with new videos being added.

    Love Stranger Things

    Let Hopper read to your babies!

    Video of actor David Harbour reading Snappsy The Alligator went up recently, with Mark Duplass (FX's The League) reading When a Dragon Moves In not to long ago.

  • Storyline Online is an award-winning website that's all about children's literacy.

    An extension of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, StorylineOnline.net has tons of resources for parents, teachers, and caregivers to use to help improve children's reading, communication skills,  and writing. The books featured on the website have a curriculum (developed by an educator) to use to take learning to the next level.

    The Storyline Online YouTube channel has tons of celebrities reading books -- including faves like Betty White, Viola Davis, Chrissy Metz, James Earl Jones, and more.

  • In a time of schools closing and homeschooling, we'll take all of the help we can get.

    Between teachers emailing lessons and assignments, and all of the resources popping up for parents to use, all of this feels ... daunting. We barely have time to figure out a schedule, let alone have a rhythm to even attempt to mirror our kids' time in school -- so having a resource that can read to our children to give us the slightest of breaks is truly a godsend.

  • Seriously ... thank, y'all.

    Heaven knows these last few weeks have been trying to say the least. And with more to endure in the foreseeable future, we are opening our arms with every ounce of gratitude for resources to help our families through it. 

    (Betty White reading to our little ones is truly priceless.)

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