It's Going To Cost Will & Kate a Lot of Money To Homeschool Their Children

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Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George
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Living life during our new (global) normal has thrown a lot of us a little curveballs, and now, Kate Middleton and Prince William are trying to roll with the punches too -- especially when it comes to their kids' education. Reportedly, homeschooling Prince George and Princess Charlotte is going to be expensive now that neither of them are going to school ... not that their education wasn't expensive already.

  • Last week, news broke that George and Charlotte's school was closing because of the outbreak. 

    Prince George, Prince Charlotte
    Aaron Chown - WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Much like other schools all over the world, Thomas's Battersea closed starting Friday. In a statement the school issued, they let parents know that they'd be finishing up the curriculum online, which is undoubtedly a tough task, given how young some of their students (like George and Charlotte) are. 

    But if Kate and Will aren't into the virtual learning thing, they do have options. They're just not cheap, especially because they're still paying the $23,000 tuition -- each! -- for Charlotte and George to attend their regular school.

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  • Reportedly, it's going to cost Kate and Will upward of $104,000 for their royal kids to learn at home.

    Princess Charlotte, Prince George
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    Combine their tuition to Thomas's Battersea with the cost of their live-in nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo -- which is said to be around $58,000 a year -- and that's a lot of money. If they're using more of her services in homeschooling the kids during the weekdays, this could really get even pricier fast. 

    And if they added a private tutor into the mix? 

    Forget about it!

  • It's hard to say how Will and Kate will proceed, though. 

    Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    Though we've seen the color coded daily schedules going around social media, most of us -- the ones who aren't royal, anyway -- are figuring out how to work from home and keep the kiddos entertained at the same time while they're home. We know Will and Kate must be extra busy right now with all that's going on, so we wouldn't be surprised if they enlisted a little extra help. 

    That price tag is painful, though! 

  • We just hope the kids aren't already going stir crazy at home. 

    As adults, we're starting to get a little tired of getting cooped up ourselves, even though we know it's for a good cause. But kids can't quite grasp the whole "social distancing" thing, so we wouldn't be surprised if Kate and Will's little ones are struggling with it. And now, with school closed, all three of them are at home at the same time.

    Good thing they've got that nanny

  • We're sure everyone's hanging in there at Will and Kate's house. 

    These kids seem like they know how to keep themselves busy, and if those rumblings about Will and Kate relocating to Anmer Hall in Norfolk while the pandemic is still going around London are true, they've definitely got plenty to do in preparation for that. Moving an entire family from one location to another for an indeterminate amount of time is no joke. 

    Sending them luck and healthy thoughts.