Latest Duggar Move Has Fans Questioning the Fate of 'Counting On'

Joy-Anna Duggar, Jinger Duggar, Jessa Duggar, Jill Duggar, Jana Duggar

We've been waiting to find out when Counting On would return to TLC for new episodes, but what if the show won't be returning at all? With a lack of news about a future season, fans are worrying about the fate of Counting On -- especially because the Duggar family has been making a major pivot to YouTube recently. And now that we think about it, there could be something to this theory ... 

  • Lately, we've been seeing more and more YouTube videos pop up from the Duggars. 

    Case in point: Jessa Duggar's YouTube channel, where it almost seems like she's becoming a vlogger. Hair tutorials, videos about things she does with her children, a video where she shared her birth stories about when she welcomed Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy into the world. It seems like, if nothing else, she's trying to find another source of income that has nothing to do with reality TV.

    We love seeing the videos, but we definitely wonder if this means the TLC stream is running dry.

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  • There's also the fact that Joy announced her pregnancy on YouTube. 

    When she shared an Instagram post, lettings fans know that she and Austin are having a baby, she directed them to a YouTube video, where she shared her pregnancy journey so far, from getting a positive test to the gender reveal party with her family.

    Is it just us, or is this all stuff that we'd typically expect to see saved for Counting On? Instead, Joy documented all of these moments in her life herself with her own camera.

  • The YouTube videos just keep on coming. 

    It seems as if Jana Duggar has also jumped on the bandwagon, with her own YouTube channel where she's shared recipes and DIY home improvement videos. Jinger has been uploading videos too, and so has Jill Duggar -- even though she and her husband, Derick, haven't been involved in Counting On for a while. 

    Could it be that they're preparing for a life without TV, or are they just trying to share more of themselves (and possibly create a new source of revenue) with their fans?

  • So far, there's been no indication of what will happen to 'Counting On.' 

    We're definitely a little concerned, because if new episodes were coming, surely the network would be filling us in on that by now, right? There's a lot going on in the Duggar fam these days -- with Joy's pregnancy, all the babies that were recently born -- and we wouldn't be surprised if another courtship was around the corner, either. It's been a while since there was a Duggar wedding, so we're due for one!

  • We'll just have to wait and see what happens. 

    At this point, we'd be a little surprised if Counting On didn't end up returning. Given the family's lack of drama, it's not the most exciting show on TLC, but people are still interested in watching this oversized family after all these years.

    We'll be here, waiting to hear the final word. But if the show doesn't come back, we have no doubt that these ladies will be fine, YouTube channels or not.