Meghan Markle Considering Name Change Now That Her Royal Duties Are Over

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Although it's been heavily reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been asked to forgo their royal titles once they officially abdicate their roles in the monarchy, there hasn't been any talk of them going by anything other than their current surname ... until now. According to a new report, Meghan Markle -- as she's still publicly referred to -- may take on a new last name now that she and Harry's royal duties have officially come to an end.

  • Most members of the royal family use their titles as surnames, but Meghan and Harry may decide to go another way, according to the Express.

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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    Currently, Meghan and Harry are known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with their last name technically being Sussex -- just as Prince William, Kate Middleton, and crew are known as the Cambridges.

    Still follow?


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  • However, when Archie was born, instead of giving him the Sussex surname, Harry and Meghan went a different route.

    In what was reportedly a tribute to Harry's grandfather, Prince Philip, Harry and Meghan gave Archie the last name Mountbatten-Windsor. And now, it's being reported that perhaps Meghan may follow suit with the surname in order to match her son. 

    In 1952, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip made the ruling that male heirs to the throne would have the right to choose between using their title as their last name or adopting Mountbatten-Windsor. (Mountbatten was Prince Philip's surname.) 

    Given that Meghan will technically no longer be a working member of the royal family, she may be able to use the name as well.

  • Before he became the Duke of Sussex, Harry went by the name Harry Wales. 

    Instead of going by Mountbatten-Windsor, both he and Prince William used the surname Wales after their father, Prince Charles, aka the Prince of Wales.

    Of course, all of their friends simply referred to them by their first names, and the public referred to them as Prince Harry and Prince William -- just as the case is with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

  • Even though Meghan Markle is obviously a trailblazer, there are a few aspects of this story that don't quite track. 

    If she wanted to have the last name as her child, why wouldn't she have just given Archie the last name Sussex to begin with? It sounds like they simply wanted to pay homage to Prince Philip because not many members of the royal family use his last name anymore.

    Does there have to be anything more to the story than that?

  • Although there are rules Meghan and Harry no longer have to follow now that they're not senior royals anymore, let's not jump the gun on this one.

    From her getting back into acting to permanently moving to Los Angeles, it seems like every day there's a new story about how Meghan is set to "stick it to the royal family" now that she's no longer part of it. 

    We'll wait and see what happens, but real talk here: We have our money on her staying Meghan Sussex -- even if nobody uses it.

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