10 Affordable Ways to Steal Kate Middleton's Headband Looks

Martha Sorren | Mar 26, 2020 Celebrities
10 Affordable Ways to Steal Kate Middleton's Headband Looks
Image: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

In the UK, formal events often require women to wear elaborate hats and fascinators to adhere to the customary dress code. Over the years, Kate Middleton has worn many hats, but in the past couple of years she's shaken things up on the head accessory front. Now people can catch the Duchess of Cambridge wearing headbands to both casual and formal events.

Most recently, she wore a simple black padded headband during an outing in Dublin, Ireland, sparking a desire for many to replicate Kate's style. Unfortunately, many of the duchess's headpieces are truly out of almost everyone's budgets. (Most cost over $1,000!) But there are so many affordable dupes online to help fans get Kate's headband looks for less.

Kate's sense of style has remained pretty much the same since she got married to Prince William. She is almost always in pumps, a coatdress, and a matching hat. Every once in a while she's changed things up by wearing, like, pants or sneakers, but for the most part she's pretty predictable. That's why these headbands have been such a fun departure from her usual fussy fascinators. She usually opts for a padded headband these days, which are a certifiable trend item. They're not the kind of accessory that will stay in fashion forever, but Kate's giving them a try while they're here.

But because these types of headbands probably will go out of style sooner rather than later, it's important to not have to spend too much on them. Imagine dropping the $1,000 that one of Kate's costs and then the trend is over before we really even get to wear the item? All of the dupes we found for her headpieces range in price from $6 to $25. 

No need to break the bank just to look like Kate.

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  • Black Velvet-Padded Headband

    Kate Middleton
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    In late 2018, Kate paired this padded velvet headband with a green Catherine Walker coatdress that had velvet accents. According to What Kate Wore, the headband is a Jane Taylor piece that cost a pretty penny at about $1,053. Padded headbands are having a moment now, but Kate was one of the first to the trend over a year ago.

  • Black Velvet Padded Headband for Less


    Spending $1,000 on an accessory like a headband is probably not in most people's fashion budgets. Add in that it's a trendy item (how long will giant padded headbands really stay popular?), and it's definitely not something that's worth that much to the average person. Fortunately, Amazon has a great dupe at a fraction of the price.

    Black Velvet Padded Headband ($6, Amazon)

  • Pleated Blue Headband

    Kate Middleton wearing a blue headband
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    A trip to church in 2019 had Kate Middleton busting out another Jane Taylor headband -- or perhaps we should call it a hatband, since it's kind of in between the two head accessories. This handcrafted accessory costs a whopping $1,255 and can be made in any color the buyer chooses. Well, for that much money, it had better be customizable. Kate went with this blue color to match her coatdress

  • Pleated Blue Headband for Less


    Nordstrom sells this Tasha couture pleated head wrap for a much more affordable price in almost the exact same color that Kate's is. It's not a spot-on dupe, since Kate's isn't knotted and has a flounce of fabric in the back, but it's pretty darn close. Plus, it costs so much less, which is a total win. Now we just need to get a coatdress to match...

    Blue Pleated Head Wrap ($15, Nordstrom)

  • White Padded Headband

    Kate Middleton at Prince Louis' Christening
    Dominic Lipinski/WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Kate wears white to all of her children's christenings, and she went with a trendy padded headband for Prince Louis' special day in July 2018. According to Vanity Fair, the band was a bespoke piece from Jane Taylor (again!) created specifically for the duchess. But the site has a similar headband for sale for, oh, just $1,235. 

  • White Padded Headband for Less


    Again, there's really no need for the average person to drop over $1,000 on a hair accessory. Jane Taylor makes beautiful pieces, but there are similar offerings online for much, much less. This white padded headband doesn't have the flower appliqué that Kate's does, but that almost makes it more wearable for every day -- and no one can go wrong at this price point.

    Padded White Headband ($9, Amazon)

  • Thin Tortoiseshell Headband

    Kate Middleton and Prince George
    Splash News

    This blustery July day called for a headband to help keep Kate's hair out of her face. It was functional as well as fashionable. But not everyone was a fan of the thin headband choice. The Daily Mail balked at the trendy piece, writing, "Not even the lovely Kate can bring back the wretched Alice band." These thin bands are called Alice bands because they look like what's worn by Alice in Alice in Wonderland

    It's not known who designed this item for Kate, but we like it!

  • Thin Tortoiseshell Headband for Less


    Even though big headbands are all the rage now, there's always a place for a small Alice band, no matter what the Daily Mail says. Fans looking to copy Kate's accessory can pick up this trendy tortoiseshell band at Nordstrom for just $24. We don't know what Kate's cost, but judging by the price points of some of her other looks, it probably wasn't that inexpensive. 

    Skinny Tortoiseshell Alice Band ($24, Nordstrom)

  • Black Beaded Headband

    Kate Middleton wearing a beaded headband
    Splash News

    OK, get ready to be blown away by what this headband cost. Unlike the $1,000-plus Jane Taylor pieces, Kate is wearing a simple black beaded band from none other than Zara. (It only cost $30!) If ever someone has wanted to match Kate, now is the time to do it. Her fashion choices have never been more accessible.

  • Black Beaded Headband for Less


    The actual Zara headband that Kate's wearing is the least expensive way to replicate her look, because it's on sale now. But if it ever goes back up to its $30 price point or sells out, there's a dupe on Amazon worth checking out. It has 4.6 stars from buyers, who all seemed pretty pleased with what showed up in the mail after they clicked "order."

    Velvet Padded Rhinestone Headband ($12, Amazon)

  • Burgundy Padded Headband

    Kate Middleton on Christmas 2018
    Splash News

    What's more Christmassy than a red hatband? Kate wore this burgundy felt band on Christmas Day in 2018 to pair with her Catherine Walker coatdress. The headpiece is another Jane Taylor design - one of the duchess's favorites. It costs $1,068 and was designed to look like the wide headband people wore in the 1960s. 

    Kate's bringing the style back.

  • Burgundy Padded Headband for Less


    One Amazon user gave this padded headband a rave review for looking just like Kate's. "This headband is so darling and is just what I’ve been looking for," she wrote. "I’ve been searching high and low for a trendy 'hatband' a la Duchess Kate and this was perfect. The quality is better than expected and such a great price point!" That's right, instead of costing $1,000, this band is just $7.

    Burgundy Padded Headband ($7, Amazon)

  • Blue Rose Headband


    Kate went all out with her look for her friend Sophie Carter's wedding in September 2018. She wore a blue Catherine Walker coat and a matching blue Juliette Botterill flower crown. It appears to have been a custom design, but a similar flowery headband is on the designer's website retailing for over $500. Customers can request the look in other colors on the website, so perhaps that's what Kate did to get it to match her dress.

  • Blue Rose Headband for Less


    The blue roses were a fun choice for the duchess to switch things up from just a regular padded headband. Those interested in replicating the look can head to Amazon, where this flower crown has earned praise from customers. "I love love love this flower crown so much! It looks so beautiful," one buyer who'd purchased this blue headband wrote.

    Blue Rose Headband ($10, Amazon)

  • Simple Black Padded Headband

    Kate Middleton wearing a black headband
    Splash News

    This band is so small compared to what Kate usually wears that it's basically an Alice band. She went with this more minimalist look on a recent tour of Dublin, Ireland to keep her hair out of her face. It's a Lele Sadoughi design that's still pretty pricey for how simple it is. It rings in at $75 -- so much less than some of Kate's favorite bands, but still not affordable.

  • Simple Black Padded Headband for Less


    This is a headband that pretty much anyone can pull off -- it's so simple but also totally wearable for pretty much any occasion. The puffy, padded headband look has been back in style for a little while now and shows no signs of slowing down. If ever it does become less popular, though, take solace in only having spent $15 on it and not $75.

    Black Padded Headband ($15, Amazon)

  • Pink Braided Headband


    For Archie's christening portrait, Kate donned a pastel pink dress and a fuchsia braided headband. It's a little bit more of a daring color, but the duchess doesn't mind wearing bright tones from time to time. This headpiece is another Juliette Botterill style that costs $397 and can be ordered in other colors. Perhaps we'll see Kate in another version of this headband in the future. She does seem to be a fan of Juliette Botterill's work.

  • Pink Braided Headband for Less


    Instead of dropping almost $400 on Kate's headband, try this $8 Amazon dupe. It's made of braided pink velvet and has totally won customers over. "These hatbands are all the rage right now, and this one is really quite lovely for the price point," one buyer wrote. "I don’t want to spend a lot on a trend item, so my only qualification is if it’s comfortable. And it’s very comfortable. I always get compliments when I wear it."

    Pink Braided Headband ($8, Amazon)

  • Flower Crown

    Prince William and Kate Middleton
    Splash News

    In 2012, William and Kate visited the island of Tuvalu. They were on a tour on behalf of the Queen to Singapore, Malaysia, the Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu. Both the prince and princess were given the traditional headwear of Tuvalu, flower crowns, which they wore for the duration of this event. The people who made the bands likely didn't know what dress Kate was going to wear, but the colors ended up going together seamlessly.

  • Flower Crown for Less


    There's unfortunately no exact match of Kate's Tuvalu flower crown, since that was a handcrafted piece especially for her ... but Amazon does have many fake flower headbands that have similar color schemes. This cream and peach rose bundle with greenery evokes a similar vibe and would be fun for a special occasion. This brand has 4.5 stars on Amazon.

    Flower Crown ($14, Amazon)


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