Prince William & Kate Middleton Might Relocate To Protect Their Children

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Prince William, Kate Middleton
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It's hard to deny that the global health concern that continues to affect everyone is taking over a lot of our lives these days, and not even Prince William and Kate Middleton are immune to that -- especially as the spread continues throughout the UK. But now, it sounds like Kate and Will could be planning to relocate to protect Louis, Charlotte, and George from the virus, and we definitely don't blame them for that.

  • Things have been changing rapidly in the UK, including for Will and Kate's family.

    Kate Middleton, Prince William
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    With the virus quickly spreading, they've already been making some major changes. Queen Elizabeth has moved to Windsor Castle, where her chances of being exposed to someone who could be a carrier are much smaller, and Charlotte and George's school has been closed -- not to mention that many of the royal trips and engagements scheduled for this spring have been canceled or postponed.

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  • Now, Kate and Will could head out to a smaller, safer area, just like Queen Elizabeth did. 

    Prince William, Kate Middleton
    Brian Lawless/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

    Because London has become such a hot spot for the virus that shall not be named, it sounds like Will and Kate might decide to leave in favor of their home in Norfolk, Anmer Hall. Considering they spend time there when the kids are on breaks from school, it could be a good place for them to ride out the spread of the virus -- although they have yet to share their official plans.

  • They have been sharing their stances on the virus on Instagram, though. 

    Last week, they shared a video of William talking about establishing the National Emergencies Trust, which is there to help out the people of the UK during a time like this, so it sounds like they're definitely mobilizing all their efforts. And so far, it really seems like William is stepping up for his family, especially because Queen Elizabeth is high risk and unable to make appearances herself. 

  • Will and Kate also visited first responders earlier this week. 

    "Catherine and I were proud to visit staff working at NHS 111, to pass on our personal thanks, along with those of my grandmother and father, to staff working around the clock to provide care and advice to those that need it most," William wrote on Instagram, sharing that supporting emergency workers by staying home is of the utmost importance to control the spread of the virus.

  • This is unquestionably a scary time, but we don't doubt Will and Kate will keep their family first.

    Just like any other parent, we know that Charlotte, George, and Louis and their safety are likely their top priority, so whatever decision they make, we know it's the right one for their family. In the meantime, we hope they're all staying healthy and safe as Will and Kate continue to keep up with as many of their royal duties as possible -- and that they're taking care of themselves, too.