Jinger Duggar Rocks a Short Skirt & Flashy Heels in Latest Instagram Post

Jinger Duggar, Felicity Vuolo

We love a rebel! It's been a while since Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo decided to ditch her family's ultra-conservative dress code and do her own thing, but we still love it every time she shows off her sexy side. She recently shared a photo with Counting On fans on Instagram in a short skirt and bright red pumps, and we are so here for it.

  • Especially when it looks like they were headed to church!

    Jinge captioned this, "The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts." Felicity is cute and all, but the only footsteps we're looking at in this photo are Jinger's! Those shoes are amazing, and something we could never see Michelle Duggar wearing.

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  • Fans went nuts in the comments section over her look.

    One person even mentioned that they loved "the change," and we totally agree! Jinger has come into her own since marrying Jeremy Vuolo in 2016. She's always been a bit of a rebel, but she took it to new levels after leaving the nest. 

    She's even worn short-shorts in public, and these aren't her first pair of sexy heels

  • Jinge's look was so good, another star from a different reality show commented!

    If there is one reality show crossover we never expected, it's Counting On and The Bachelor! Hannah Ann is one of the final three contestants this season competing for Peter Weber's heart, and we agree with the commenter who wondered how their two reality TV obsessions were combining.

    Seriously. The first thing we think when we see a contestant on The Bachelor is hardly, "Wow, she must be a closet Duggar fan!"

  • We can't help but wonder what Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar think of Jinger's sexier self these days.

    In a tear-filled episode of Counting On last season, Jinger and her mom opened up about "coming out" to her parents on the topic of wearing pants. She told her mom that she prayed about it, and Jesus told her she could wear what she wants. 

    Michelle lovingly embraced her and reassured her that she'd always love her, even if she does wear pants.

    She didn't say anything about flashy red pumps though.

  • We're glad Jinger is making bolder fashion choices these days.

    She's still dressed incredibly modestly by most people's standards, but it's definitely a far cry from how she was raised to dress. But hey, even Michelle eventually ditched the prairie dresses.

    Maybe she'll even consider borrowing her daughter's shoes some day? Probably not, but we can hope.