Amy Roloff Gives Fans a Glimpse of a Project Inside Her New Home

Amy Roloff

Since Amy Roloff has opened this new chapter of her life and begun the process of moving into her new home, she seems so happy. And now, it appears she and fiancé Chris Marek are really making headway into making the space her own. In an Instagram post Wednesday, Amy shared a project in her house that she and Chris are working on, and it all looks very exciting!

  • Amy shared a photo of her and Chris working on projects in the house. 

    Looks like they built some kind of shelving and put a desk together. Pretty productive day for these two very handy people! 

    "I think my babe looks pretty good in a work belt!" Amy wrote. "I’m so thankful for all the big and little projects Chris is doing on the new house, including putting my new office desk together. I couldn’t do all of this with out him. Babe, you’re the best." 

    So sweet! 

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  • Lately, Amy's been all about sharing her house updates. 

    Over the weekend, Amy let fans know that she was almost all moved out of the farmhouse at Roloff Farms, but it hasn't been an easy process for her -- especially as she figures out what to take and what to give away. 

    "I see light at the end of the tunnel as I move my things out of the farmhouse," she wrote at the time. "The basement area was tough. It reminded how much I miss and Love teaching. I can’t take it all with me though, just because, I’ll need to leave most of it behind and hopefully donate/give away to a good cause." 

  • And in other posts, Amy has shared how she feels about this new part of her life. 

    Obviously, it wasn't an easy decision for Amy to make to leave the farm, but after everything that went down with Matt and the fact that she's now engaged to Chris, it seemed like the best choice to get a fresh start -- but of course, that fresh start doesn't come easy, especially after she spent so many years of her life there.

    But if anyone can start over and kick butt at it, it's Amy. This lady can do anything! 

  • Chris has been by her side through all of it, too. 

    He's not just building shelves and desks, either. It's been clear that Chris has been such a support system for her since they've been together, and we know they both must be excited to plan for their future. After all, a wedding is on the horizon, so they both have so much to look forward to. And even during the tough stuff, it seems as if Chris has been there for Amy, which is one of the things we love best about him.

  • We're looking forward to seeing the rest of Amy's house. 

    When she's all done, we're definitely going to need a house tour -- especially if she and Chris happen to have any other DIY projects up their sleeves. 

    We're just a few weeks away from a new season of Little People, Big World, too, and hopefully, that means even more opportunities to see Amy's new digs. We can't wait to see what this part of her life holds for her.