Kate Middleton Just Had a 'Secret Meeting' at Kensington Palace

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We're certainly not complaining, but we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that we're seeing a lot of Kate Middleton lately. Since the holidays, the Duchess of Cambridge has had a jammed-packed schedule that's taken her all across the UK. And apparently, that's not all. Evidently, in addition to her public appearances, the duchess is taking care of business behind closed doors as well!

  • The duchess won hearts Wednesday during an appearance for SportsAid at London Stadium. 

    While attending an event that recognized the importance parents and caregivers play in their "child's sporting success," the mom of three showed off her athletic prowess -- and fans were impressed. 

    Not only did Kate run, jump, and chat with coaches and parents, but she did it all by looking ridiculously chic and appropriate for the occasion. (Adidas trainers with high-waisted green pants? Yes, please.)

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  • However! The duchess's day didn't end there!

    Apparently, after Kate left London Stadium, she had another "secret meeting" at Kensington Palace. According to Hello!, the duchess had an Early Years meeting in the afternoon at the palace.

    As royal fans know, Kate has been working nonstop lately on behalf of her Early Years initiative, which includes her 5 Big Questions survey. The results of the survey will reportedly be in soon, giving Kate more direction for her charity.

  • The duchess has seemed to be working more than ever lately. 

    In addition to the launch of her survey, which hopes to get insight about the practices of parents and caregivers during the early years in the UK, there's been Megxit. Apparently, after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to leave the royal family, a lot of their work has fallen on other senior royals -- including Kate, who's said to be working "18-hour days" as of late.

  • Between all of her public and private engagements, Kate must be completely exhausted these days. 

    Thankfully, she, along with the kids and Prince William, had time off last week, where they enjoyed country life and even went "lambing." 

    "[William] said they’ve been lambing this week up in Norfolk," schoolteacher and dairy farmer Rhian Roberts told reporters after meeting with the duke. "They want the children to see the country way of life as well as the city way of life.”

  • With her secret meetings and sporty engagements, let's hope Kate is getting some time to herself these days. 

    Sure, she always looks upbeat and happy to be where she is, but with three kids and a work schedule like hers, the duchess must be exhausted!

    Rest up, Kate. But not too much, dear. We're always so happy to see you.