Can Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Resist the Lucrative Lure of Being Instagram Influencers?

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Everybody's gotta eat. Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left the royal institution -- and have stopped taking taxpayer money -- it's time to figure out a financial game plan. Although there have been rumblings that the Sussexes are starting a charity foundation (that they plan on monetizing?), we still haven't learned what the concrete plan is for Harry and Meghan.

However, they do have a mighty attractive job offer waiting in the wings ... 

  • Royal watchers are wondering if Harry and Meghan will become Instagram influencers. 

    Even though it would certainly be a step in the complete opposite direction of the royal family, there's no denying that Harry and Meghan could make a puh-retty penny as social media influencers. Not only did they blow up Instagram when they first joined, but the couple's following has continued to rise -- particularly since they announced they were leaving the royal family.

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  • A social media marketing expert recently revealed what Harry and Meghan could take in "per post."

    Marie Mostad, the COO of marketing platform, told the Sun that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could earn over $110,100 per post, thanks to their popularity, which apparently isn't as much as other "high profile" celebrities. (To put in context, the Kardashians earn between $800,000 and $1,000,000 per post.)

    Will Harry and Meghan take the bait? That's a hard offer to turn down! Getting more money than most people make in a year for posting a photo? Sign us up!

  • Surprisingly, Prince William and Kate Middleton don't have bright futures as influencers right now. 

    Not that they have any plans on leaving the royal family, as far as we know, but Mostad noted that although William and Kate have the same number of followers as Harry and Meghan (11.2 million), their numbers haven't increased as steadily. Evidently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could probably fetch a little over $52,600 for a sponsored post. 


  • It would certainly be surprising to see the Sussexes hawking organic laundry detergent or something else, but royals selling products isn't new.

    Queen Elizabeth's oldest grandson, Peter Phillips, has appeared in a Chinese milk ad, and his sister, Zara Tindall, has endorsed everything from Land Rover to Rolex to iCandy and Musto.

    And perhaps the most popular royal advert of all time is Sarah Ferguson's connection to Weight Watchers.

  • From the sound of things, Harry and Meghan have a plan -- and it's unlikely that sponsored posts is part of that plan. 

    It's been reported many times that Harry and Meghan want to forge ahead with their charity endeavors and speaking engagements, and quite possibly, acting work for Meghan. 

    Although anything is possible with these two, we just can't see them starting a post with #AD. (That said, we'd buy anything baby Archie is selling. Just saying.)