Vanessa Bryant Reveals Her & Kobe's Sweet Connection to 'The Notebook' During Memorial

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant; Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook
kobebryant/Instagram; New Line Cinema

Vanessa Bryant shared a sweet eulogy Monday for her late husband, Kobe Bryant, and their daughter, Gianna, at his memorial service at Staples Center, and in the process, she shared a sweet gift he once gave her. Kobe actually gave Vanessa props from The Notebook -- including Rachel McAdams' famous blue dress and the actual notebook itself -- and the reason behind it is really special.

  • Vanessa shared that among Kobe's many romantic gestures, he gave her the blue dress that Allie wore when she went to find Noah.

    "When I asked him why he chose the blue dress [from the movie], he said it was because it’s the scene when Allie comes back to Noah," Vanessa said in her eulogy, according to People. "We had hoped to grow old together like [in] the movie. We really had an amazing love story."

    Given how iconic this dress is, it's certainly a sweet symbol of Kobe's love for Vanessa -- especially since he chose it for the part of the movie where viewers found out they'd be together forever after all.

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  • Vanessa went on to share the way they loved each other.

    "We loved each other with our whole beings, two perfectly imperfect people making a beautiful family and raising our sweet and amazing girls," she added. 

    It's absolutely heartbreaking to think about what Vanessa must be going through, but we love that she has memories like this of her life with Kobe, and it genuinely sounds like they were already making the most of the time they had together, even though they had no way of knowing it would be so limited.

  • Fans are blown away by Kobe's gift.

    Facebook comments

    As these commenters pointed out, hearing that Kobe gave Vanessa a gift like this really emphasizes how romantic he could be and the kind of relationship and love he had for his wife. Theirs was definitely an unforgettable love story, just like the one in the movie.

    We've already known from everything they both shared that Kobe and Vanessa had such an incredible bond. 

    Finding out about this story? 

    Just more proof of the same.

  • Vanessa has been open about sharing her feelings after Kobe and Gianna's passing. 

    Everything from the way she honored Kobe and Gianna by changing the name of his foundation to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation to pay tribute to both of them to the ways she's shared her feelings with her followers on Instagram really highlights what they meant to her. We never doubted the love she had for her husband and their daughter, but we're definitely in awe of all the strength she's displayed during this difficult time.

  • We're keeping Vanessa in our thoughts. 

    The nightmare she's had to live through is something that no one should ever have to experience, but she's never stopped telling the world exactly how much her family means to her, even though it couldn't have been easy for her to stand up in front of all of those people at the Staples Center at their memorial. 

    We hope Vanessa will continue to share the memories she had with Kobe and the moments they shared together like she did in her eulogy. There's no doubt his memory will be kept alive for years and years.

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