Jessa Duggar Shares the Cutest Photo of Her & Ivy Twinning

Ivy Seewald

We can never get enough of the adorable photos that Jessa Duggar shares of her daughter, Ivy Jane Seewald, and this new one might be one of our faves! Over the weekend, Jessa shared a photo of herself twinning with Ivy in matching outfits, and OMG -- these two are too cute for words. Yep, we already knew that this mom and daughter duo was beautiful, but this really takes it to the next level. 

  • Here are Jessa and Ivy in their matching dresses:

    "I'm not a mom who usually dresses my kids alike or does a whole lot of the 'matching' thing ... but baby girl, this time I just couldn't resist," Jessa wrote in her caption. 

    We can completely understand why! Not only is this dress cute enough all on its own, but it's even cuter now that both of them are wearing it. And even better than that? Jessa said it came from the Bates sisters' boutique, so she was able to support her longtime friends in the process. Too sweet! 

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  • Fans are loving Jessa and Ivy's matching look.

    It's easy to see why -- they both look so beautiful! If there was ever a time for heart eyes emojis, it's after seeing a photo like this one.

    We're glad Jessa's taking advantage of matching with Ivy while she can, though ... eventually, a day will come where matching with her mom will be something Ivy is way too cool for, so she's gotta take advantage of these days right now.

  • Jessa hasn't shared too many photos of her with Ivy, but when she does, they're worth the wait.

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    My little cuddle bug. 💞

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    We get it, though -- Jessa has a pretty big household to care for, between Henry, Spurgeon, and now Ivy. Babies and toddlers are both challenging enough on their own, let alone when she combines three of them all under one roof! 

    But so far, it appears Jessa's totally living up to the challenge, and we love when she does get to share an update on her kiddos with us, especially when we get to see how much Ivy's grown.

  • It's hard to believe how big Ivy is already. 

    It's been just about nine months since Ivy made her way into the world, and she's already looking like a big kid! And as Jessa shared earlier this month, Ivy is already crawling, which is such a big deal. 

    "She's two weeks into her discovery of this new mode of transportation, and she's getting better at it by the day. It's so cute to watch. She's so proud of herself when she reaches her destination!" Jessa wrote at the time.

  • We can't wait to see more of Ivy (and her mom). 

    Considering how close Jessa seems to have stayed with her boys as they grow, we don't doubt that she's working on having the same relationship with her daughter. 

    And even though Jessa is admittedly not the kind of mom who loves to match her kids, we've gotta suggest that she do it more often ... especially when cute dresses like the one she and Ivy were wearing are involved. Too precious!