18 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged in 2020 (Thus Far)

18 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged in 2020 (Thus Far)

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Love is in the air, big time, and it's not even March. All over social media, celebrities have been announcing their engagements to their significant others -- whether on key dates like New Year's Day or Valentine's, or random days in between. 

On Instagram, we have a supermodel sporting a ring with a diamond so big that it should really have come with sunglasses. On Twitter, we see a reformed serial dater pictured on his knee, jewelry box in hand, with a hopeful look in his eyes. And everywhere, uber-sweet posts with declarations of unending love drip with honey and hope.

And, sigh, we're so here for it ALL.

We're taking in every picture and word with almost as much enthusiasm as if it were happening to us. Because the truth is, we live to live vicariously through these celebrity engagement posts.

It's all about the rings and the stories. Let us inform ya that pear-shaped diamonds are currently all the rage, but this year, there are all kinds of rings to gawk at, some of them tastefully proportional to the star's finger, others, not so much (still love 'em!).  

And when it comes to the stories, forget about it. These couples are getting us right here in the chest with the details, leaving us breathless. There are couples who found each other after painful divorces, others who have known each other since they were kids -- and never thought of the other in a romantic way -- but one day saw each other with brand new eyes. Some feel #blessed that someone is stepping in not just as an amazing partner but as a loving father figure for their child. Others are shining examples of how well blended families can work for the sake of the kids. 

One would think that with the dismal track record of Hollywood marriages -- and a plethora of messy divorces -- no one would be rushing down the aisle. But these celebs believe in love, they believe in taking chances, and they also probably believe in prenups. And so do we (well, at least the first two, but get back to us when we've made our first million). So let's take a look at the celebrity engagements of 2020 so far.

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