20 Ways Princess Diana Would Be So Proud of Meghan Markle

20 Ways Princess Diana Would Be So Proud of Meghan Markle
Image: Daniel Leal-Olivas/WPA Pool/Getty

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Daniel Leal-Olivas/WPA Pool/Getty

Like so many of us, Meghan Markle was inspired by Princess Diana growing up -- her refreshing  openness, her commitment to helping others, her iconic style, willingness to take on the powers that be and insist on being treated with dignity and respect, her commitment to remaining graceful in the face of attacks and harassment by the media. 

And in many ways, Meghan went on to have similar values, especially when it comes to advocating for others and being a relatable member of the royal family. Of course, Meghan is her own person, with her own goals, fashion and parenting style -- and her own path, especially now that she and Prince Harry have quit being working royals and are focused on building a different future for themselves. But we think there is plenty about the Duchess of Sussex, wife to her beloved youngest son, that Princess Diana would be proud of, and they're worth pointing out. 

We can sit here and try to imagine what kind of relationship she would have with Meghan (Harry thinks they would have been "thick as thieves, without question," as he said during the couple's engagement interview) and it's too sad that it will never happen, and that Meghan doesn't have Diana's advice and help as a still relatively new wife, mom, and public figure on a global stage. 

Princess Diana died 22 years ago, much too early to meet her sons' wives, of course, but as the world's most famous woman during the time she was alive, at least we have plenty of interviews, books, and videos of her to have a good idea about who she was and what she valued, in her own words and deeds. 

That means that there are things we'd believe she would have valued in her daughter-in-law Meghan. Here are 20 ways that Princess Diana would be so proud of the wife, mom, philanthropist, and person that Meghan has become over the years.

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