Jessa Duggar's Latest Date Night Is #MomLife at Its Finest

Jessa Duggar, Ben Seewald

With three young kids at home, Counting On stars Jessa (Duggar) and Ben Seewald understand the value of getting out of the house for some alone time together. You take any chance you get for a "date night," even if it isn't exactly a dinner at a nice restaurant or a trip to the movies.

You take what you can get, right?

  • Jessa shared a photo of her and Ben at the grocery store on Instagram this week.

    She added the caption, "Let’s be real -- I live off grocery pickup most of the time. But grocery shopping is never more enjoyable than when we do it together." She also added the hashtag #datenight, and we totally get it! They have three kids at home ... any time out of the house without them is a date.

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  • Ben added his own photo to his account, and echoed Jessa's thoughts in his caption.

    The dad of three wrote, "Just grabbing some smoked paprika, combing the fresh produce for sales, and picking up a few bags of locally roasted coffee. I love shopping with you @jessaseewald! Now let’s get in the kitchen and make something together. #datenight #health"

  • Some fans left these comments on Ben's page.

    Other comments on both their pages included, "That's true love making a date out of grocery shopping," and, "Parent life. When going to the grocery store is a date."

    Parenting is hard, man! Ben and Jessa are making it work, while in the weeds of parenting three little kids at home -- Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 9 months.

  • Thankfully, it looks like the 'Counting On' couple got a real date, too.

    Jessa shared this photo of Ben at a sushi restaurant, so it looks like they actually did get to go out to eat without carting along a diaper bag and sippy cups galore.

    As much as we love a good grocery store date, having real dates is important, too. Parents need to reconnect away from their kids, and have some fun, just the two of them.

  • We're sure they got lots of snuggles from these cuties when they got home.

    Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy are all precious, and Ben and Jessa are obviously in love with their little family, but we're glad they take the time to go out just the two of them. Whether it's to the grocery store or out for sushi, it's essential to have a relationship as husband and wife, not just mom and dad.