Joy-Anna Duggar Is Almost Unrecognizable in New Instagram Photo

Joy-Anna Duggar

At first, we though it might just be us, but Joy-Anna Duggar is definitely looking different these days -- especially in her latest pic. Earlier this week, Joy shared a new photo with her BFF, Carlin Bates, and Carlin's new baby daughter, and Counting On fans can't get over how different Joy looks. She's practically unrecognizable in this new photo! 

  • Joy shared the pic on Wednesday from her visit to see Carlin and baby Layla. 

    "Our families have known each other before we were born... and I’m pretty sure we’ve been best friends from day 1 of meeting," Joy wrote. "@carlinbates98, So SO happy I was able to come for a short visit and meet baby Layla Rae! Love yoouuu!" 

    Super cute picture for sure, and we also love that she and Carlin are still able to spend time together ... but is that actually Joy in this pic?! 

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  • Some fans are in the comments, pointing out how much she looks like Jessa here.

    We totally see it! Although Joy's always looked a lot like her sisters -- all the Duggar daughters do look a lot alike, after all -- the older she gets, the more we see big sis Jessa Duggar in her. But in this photo? They could've told us this was Jessa, and we totally would have believed it.

    And yes, that is a compliment, because both of these ladies are absolutely gorgeous! 

  • Others thought she favored Jinger just a bit more. 

    We can see that, too -- and this is also another compliment, because Jinger Duggar is also very pretty (although let's be real here: All the Duggar ladies are so pretty). 

    Here, she looks like the perfect blend of Jinger and Jessa, actually ... and so different that we actually had to swipe over to the other photos Joy shared along with the first one to make sure it was actually her! 

  • Carlin also posted the photo of her and Joy together with the sweetest caption. 

    "For as long as we’ve known each other, your friendship to me has always lived up to your name - you never fail to bring joy to my heart every time you come around!" she wrote. "I have to say having you here to give me an extra two hands with baby Layla was especially amazing -- friends like you are forever. Thank you so much for coming to visit, and for helping us celebrate this new precious little girl!" 

    Aww. Their friendship is the cutest! 

  • No matter what Joy's up to, though, she always looks gorgeous. 

    Everybody changes as they get older -- that's just a fact. But somehow, Joy just keeps getting prettier and prettier, and we can probably all agree that she was beautiful from the start, too.

    We're so glad she could get away and spend some quality time with her friend and her new baby. Here's hoping she and Carlin will be able to get together again soon!