20 Times Kate Middleton Stepped Out From Prince William’s Shadow

Nicole Pomarico | Feb 21, 2020 Celebrities
20 Times Kate Middleton Stepped Out From Prince William’s Shadow
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Kate Middleton
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We've always admired Kate Middleton for the person that she is and everything she has accomplished, but being married to a prince means that she might end up being overshadowed from time to time. Yes, she herself is the Duchess of Cambridge, but her husband is Prince William, after all -- a lot of the attention tends to be on him. But in our opinion, it totally shouldn't be, because Kate has truly come into her own over the past few years and it's been such a beautiful process to watch.

Recently, royal expert Camilla Tominey spoke on a British talk show about how Kate has "stepped out of William's shadow" lately, and we couldn't agree with her more. 

"She's now carved her own path focusing on early years learning," Tominey said. "She wants to commit her working life to childhood and how it affects adult life. She's been doing it in secret for eight years. This is her emerging from Prince William's shadow to carve her own path as a future Princess of Wales."

Carving her own path, she definitely is. And from what we've seen from Kate, it looks like she's making everything she wants happen -- even though we'd imagine she's probably a little exhausted from it all.
Need more proof that Kate isn't living in Will's shadow anymore? Read on for all the times she shined all on her own.
  • Her 5 Big Questions Initiative 


    Lately, Kate's been all over the place, encouraging people of the UK to fill out her 5 Big Questions survey to help improve the lives of children by identifying what's most important in their first five years of life. Of course, Kate has always had a passion for helping kids (especially her own), but this has been a huge project for her that she's taken on without William. She's been killing it! 

  • Her Recent Podcast Appearance


    We never thought we'd see the day that Kate Middleton made an appearance on a podcast, but it happened -- and we love it. While sitting down with the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast in February, she opened up about her own experiences as a mother in such a personal way. We love hearing from Kate like this, and hopefully, she'll do another podcast appearance soon. We'd listen for sure! 

  • Her Holocaust Photography Project


    Earlier this year, Kate lent her photography skills to a project commemorating 75 years since the Holocaust, taking stunning portraits of Holocaust survivors and their families. 

    "It was a true honour to have been asked to participate in this project and I hope in some way Yvonne and Steven’s memories will be kept alive as they pass the baton to the next generation," Kate said in a statement at the time. 

  • All the Royal Engagements She Does By Herself


    Though it's definitely still common to see Will and Kate attend royal engagements together (especially when it comes to the more formal occasions), she's now taking on more on her own. She doesn't need Will at her side to get things done, after all. She herself is a senior royal, and she should be so proud of the work she's done as the Duchess of Cambridge, with or without the William.

  • Supporting Her Favorite Causes 


    For as long as she's been a royal, Kate's made it clear that her main focus is her patronages, and she seems to take it very seriously anytime she has the opportunity to support a charitable cause she believes in. This photo was taken when she was supporting Family Action and their Christmas tree farm, and we love how happy she looks here. Then again, Kate's usually pretty cheerful, no matter what she's doing.

  • When She Kills It At a Formal Event


    We know that Will cleans up pretty good, but there's just no competing with Kate when she gets all glammed up for an important event. Every time they have to go formal, Kate always outshines Will, but after they've been together for so long, we have a feeling he's probably used to it by now. After all, who could possibly stand next to Kate in a glittery red dress and not be overshadowed?

  • Her Photography


    Every time we get to see new photos that Kate has taken -- whether they're of her own family and kids or a different subject -- we are totally blown away by her skills and talent. Who needs a royal photographer when Kate's right here, taking the most beautiful pictures of the people and things that she loves? We'll never get tired of seeing all of the photos she takes, so keep them coming, Kensington Palace.

  • When She Showed Her Appreciation For Nurses & Midwives


    After giving birth to three children of her own and struggling with hyperemesis gravidarum, Kate knows the importance of good nurses and midwives, and she hasn't held back on sharing her appreciation of them.

    "Your role in supporting this critical phase of development extends far beyond the complicated task of delivering a baby successfully," Kate wrote in a letter to them. "The help and reassurance you provide for parents to be and parents of newborns is just as crucial. It goes a long way in building parents’ confidence from the start, with lifelong impact on the future happiness of their children."

  • Her Speech Skills


    Public speaking is hard no matter what the circumstances are. But over the years since she became a member of the royal family, Kate's become a total pro at speaking in front of a crowd, and now, she can give an amazing speech with the best of them. Kate always commands all of the attention in the room when she steps behind the podium -- no husband presence necessary.

  • Her Momming Skills


    Kate's an amazing mom -- that much is evident by the way that George, Charlotte, and Louis are growing up to be pretty awesome kids. With all of her royal engagements and obligations, Kate knows what it's like to be a working mom firsthand, but every time we've seen her parenting in action, we've always been impressed by the kind of mom she is. Her kiddos are so lucky to have her! 

  • Her Style Is Always On Point

    Kate Middleton
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    It's not just when Kate attends a formal event that she manages to outshine everyone she's around -- it's pretty much every day, considering her incredible fashion sense. We'd love to shop her closet, because every time she leaves the house, she's somehow instantly a fashion icon. We'd love to see Will cop that kind of style ... but we have a feeling he'll just stick to his usual suits. 

  • Her First Official Interview


    Believe it or not, it was only recently that Kate gave her first official interview as a member of the royal family -- when she visited Pakistan with William. She totally held her own in that interview, too.

    "There's so many vulnerable women here but they've really used their positivity and the support that the village here provides them to support and protect the next generation of children in their care and give them the best possible start to their future lives," Kate said, speaking on the women she met during her tour. 

  • How Involved She Is With Her Kids

    Kate Middleton
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    It would be easy for Kate to stay out of public as much as she can, because we wouldn't blame her if she just wants time to herself without having to worry about getting all the attention when she goes out. But when it comes to her kids, Kate doesn't let it hold her back from being an involved mom. In fact, she even went to her kid's school's pub night for parents, like any other mom would do. 

  • Her Relationship With Queen Elizabeth

    Prince William, Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth
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    After all these years, Kate and Queen Elizabeth get along so well, and we have a feeling a lady like that isn't necessarily easy to crack (as sweet as she seems). Reportedly, Kate and Elizabeth actually have a great relationship, according to royal reporter Katie Nicholl. 

    "Both women are actually quite shy so it's taken time for them to get to this stage, but they have a very easy relationship now they've both made the effort," Nicholl said. "The Queen loves seeing Kate because it's an opportunity to spend time with her and hear how her great grandchildren are doing."

  • She's Always Ready for Anything


    Kate goes to all kinds of events and finds herself doing all kinds of activities ... and she couldn't possibly be prepared for all of them. But like we see in this photo from her and Will's tour of Pakistan, she didn't hesitate to participate in a little cricket when visiting the National Cricket Academy, and this is the attitude she takes no matter what circumstances she ends up in. 

  • How She Shares Her Passions


    Of course, we're well aware of Kate's skills behind the camera and how much she loves photography, but even better than that, we love the way she's taken something she's so good at and passionate about and turned it into a learning opportunity she can share with others. In this way, Kate is such a natural leader, and we love seeing her share this interest with kids who want to take photos like she does.

  • Her Sailing Skills


    Listen, we're sure that Will is quite a skilled sportsman himself (he's proven that polo is more his thing, really) but there's no measuring up to the natural talent that Kate has for sailing. We've never seen her not participate in any opportunity for a regatta, because this lady isn't one to shy away from a challenge. Sorry, Will, but sailing against Kate is probably a bad idea for anyone who wants to win.

  • When She Shines in Diana's Tiara

    Kate Middleton
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    We've seen Kate wear Diana's jewelry a lot -- after all, she does wear her engagement ring and other jewelry made from some of Diana's favorite pieces. But she also wears Diana's tiara for certain formal occasions, and even though those occasions are few and far between, she always looks amazing. We have a feeling that if she'd gotten to meet her mother-in-law, she'd be so proud.

  • She Always Owns Wimbledon


    We always look forward to seeing Kate's trips out to watch the matches at Wimbledon, if for no other reason than the outfits she comes up with for going to the tournament. But it's also pretty cool that she gets to hand out trophies, too -- and she looks like she totally owns the court when she does it. Maybe Kate should consider a career in tennis herself if this royal thing doesn't pan out?

  • When She's in Front of the Camera


    Because Kate loves being behind the camera so much, it's a rare moment when photos are taken of her in her quieter moments, rather than at engagements and press events. But every time she's photographed (like in this pic above), she always shines -- there's no contest. This lady definitely isn't living in William's shadow by any means, and photos like this one prove it. 

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