Prince William & Kate Middleton May Have Planned a Sweet Trip for Their Kids

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Splash News

The past week or so has been a jam-packed one for the Cambridges, so now it's time for some much-needed R&R. According to a number of reports, the reason Prince William and Kate Middleton packed so many engagements in recently is because Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a school holiday coming up. 

Time for some family fun!

  • Like many parents, William and Kate want to make the most of their kids' time off. 

    Friday apparently is the last day Prince George and Princess Charlotte have at their school, Thomas's Battersea, before they have a week off. 

    The Cambridges reportedly have no official business on their calendars right now, leading everyone to believe they're splitting town with George, Charlotte, and Louis. 

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  • It's unlikely we'll get any details about their family time, but experts are already speculating about the week-o-fun.

    Typically, when the kids have off from school -- and any chance they get really -- William and Kate whisk their clan off to their country home in Norfolk, Anmer Hall. 

    As any royal fan knows, Kate and Will are big fans of life in the country, where everyone is free to frolic around. According to the Observer, when they're there, they try to be as normal as possible, cooking dinners, going for walks, and playing in the yard. 

  • If they do head to Norfolk, George and Charlotte may be in for a special treat. 

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    Apparently, in 2019 when they went to Anmer Hall over the break, Kate took her two eldest to a fancy spa so they could go swimming. 

    An eyewitness revealed the details to the Daily Mail. "Kate was organizing little races for them and they did it around four or five times," the source said. "She said 'ready, steady, go' and did a downward chopping action in the water to indicate the start of the race."

    "Charlotte was doing sitting dives," the source added. "She was squatting on the side with her arms up in dive position, she kept saying, 'Look mummy I’m diving in.'"

  • No matter where they wind up going, it's safe to assume George and Charlotte will be on their best behavior. 

    When the duchess took the kids swimming last year, the onlooker also remarked on how well-behaved the kids were with their mother. 

    "When the children tried to jump in the water, Kate frequently indicated 'No' and shook her finger and then she pointed out the no diving signs to both children who then seemed appeased," they said. 

    Of course they did. 

  • There's a small chance William and Kate will take the kids somewhere other than Anmer Hall.

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    Back in 2016, before Prince Louis was born, Kate and Wills headed to the French Alps to get some time in on the slopes. 

    Not a bad alternative. 

    Whatever they do, here's hoping the Cambridges have a happy, restful, leisurely holiday as a family. And if they can squeeze us into a suitcase, that works.