Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Spotted Flying Commercial & Carrying Their Own Bags

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meghan markle
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Since they announced they were giving up their royal titles, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been keeping a pretty low profile. Although we heard about their recent trip to Miami -- which included a power double date with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez -- we haven't seen much of the Sussexes since they've embarked on their new life. 

Until now, that is. Spoiler alert: Harry and Meghan are keeping it super real these days.

  • Over the weekend, Harry and Meghan were spotted disembarking from a -- wait for it -- commercial flight. 

    The pair touched down in Victoria, Canada, after a reported trip to California (sans baby Archie). From the looks -- and sound -- of things, the couple was happy and relaxed. An onlooker told the Sun: "From their happy faces they had a successful time in California but glad to be back."

    Isn't that always the case?

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  • In addition to flying commercial, the pair demonstrated how much they're settling into life as commoners by carrying their own bags.

    Obviously, this kind of travel isn't foreign to Meghan, who's completely self-made, but wonder what Harry things of the whole "being regular" thing. If anybody in the royal family could adjust quickly to such a lifestyle change, seems like it would be Harry. Dude's always had a little edge to him. 

  • The Sussexes haven't personally revealed the nature of their visit to Meghan's home state, but the couple's trip was reportedly business-related. 

    meghan markle
    Splash News

    Sources claim that Harry and Meghan, who likely visited Meghan's mom in Los Angeles while they were there, jetted down to California to "find new jobs," so says the Sun

    It's kind of hard to imagine Harry and Meghan pounded the pavement, handing out their resumés to people, so we're just going to go ahead and take that as "they had meetings."

  • Insiders say Harry and Meghan visited Stanford University in Palo Alto during their trip.

    While there, they attended "brainstorming sessions with professors and academics" who are helping them with the structure of their new charitable organization. 

    From the sound of things, Harry and Meghan are starting completely from the ground up on their new endeavor. According to reports, they fired all 15 members of their UK staff last week and plan to hire a completely new team in North America.

  • Harry and Meghan's future is still a big question mark for royal fans. 

    Will they continue with their charity work? Will Meghan get back into acting, or even writing or directing, as it was previously reported?

    Who knows?!

    For now, it sounds like they're keeping things under wraps for a while. And, you know, flying commercial.