Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Just Got Majorly Criticized for Their Ritzy Lifestyle

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo

Oh boy. Jinger (Duggar) and her hubby Jeremy Vuolo have been living their best lives out in California since relocating last summer, but it turns out some people are having a big problem with the Counting On couple's lifestyle. Specifically, people are upset that they are not living like poor church mice, and frequently post about traveling and going out to eat.

  • Jeremy shared a photo on his Instagram account on Thursday, announcing his travel plans.

    He added the caption, "There's just something I love about having bags packed, ready to travel and explore ... even if it's simply heading east to visit family. It's a big world with much to be discovered."

    We're guessing that he's headed to Philadelphia, where he was raised and where his parents still live. He's certainly dressed for cooler weather than Los Angeles!

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  • Not everyone wished him safe travels, however.

    Another commenter added, "Yes you're right. The pastors I've known would have no money to travel. Traveling is SO pricey no matter whether my car, plane. Etc."

    Others defended Jeremy with comments like, "Pastors arent required to be poor," and, "Maybe the luggage was a gift. Maybe he's had it for a long time or maybe it was purchased second hand or from a discount store."

  • It's true that neither of them are "working" right now, but we have a feeling they're not hurting.

    Even though Jinger's brother-in-law Derick Dillard has made claims that none of Jim Bob or Michelle Duggar's adult children are paid for being on Counting On, there's a rumor floating around the internet that Jeremy and Jinger worked out their own contract, and are paid separately from Jim Bob by TLC.

  • They're also not paying rent right now, which obviously helps the bottom line.

    On an episode of Counting On last season, Jinge and Jer were house hunting for apartments in LA before they were given the option to live in the beautiful four-bedroom house owned by the seminary where Jeremy is studying for his masters in divinity. Who wouldn't snap up an offer like that?

  • They also have those little things called sponsorships.

    The couple often take to their Instagram stories for sponsored posts, and while we couldn't say how much they're paid, it's something. Jinger has 1.3 million followers and Jeremy has 664K, which is pretty dang impressive. 

    There are lots of ways to earn money these days, even as a pastor. What's wrong with that? Jeremy and Jinger aren't hurting anyone -- let them travel with their leather luggage in peace.