Kendra Duggar's New Video of Her Babies Laughing Together Is Melting Our Hearts

Joseph Duggar, Kendra Duggar

It's not easy to have two kids under 2, especially as a super young mother, but honestly, it looks like Kendra (Caldwell) Duggar has it covered. She and hubby Joseph Duggar welcomed baby Addison in November, just 17 months after their son Garrett was born, and given her social media updates for Counting On fans, Kendra loves being a mom of two!

  • Kendra's most recent Instagram update is a couple videos of babies "playing" together.

    This is just about the cutest thing ever! We cannot get over those sweet baby giggles! She added the caption, "This just melts my heart ... I just love seeing these two love on each other! The small moments are the best."

    She also added some heart emojis, and we totally agree! We're feeling a bit heart-eyed ourselves.

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  • It looks like these two are already good friends.

    Being so close in age means they'll probably be super close growing up, and it's obvious that bond has already begun. Just look at how happy these two are to be snuggled up next to each other! Garrett looks so pleased to be a big brother, and Addison already looks enamored of him. 

  • We can hardly believe it's been more than three months since Addison joined the family.

    She was born smack in the middle of the Duggar babypocalypse, which started last May when Jessa (Duggar) Seewald had baby Ivy Jane, and ended in January with the arrival of Abbie (Burnett) Duggar's daughter, Grace. Anna Duggar and Lauren (Swanson) Duggar also had girls in November.

    We see a lot of cousin tea parties in the future!

  • Kendra hasn't shared too many updates since they became a family of four, but she seems really happy.

    She even got to sneak out for a date night with Joe a few weeks after Addison was born! She captioned this photo, "We so enjoyed our date night ... First time out with just the two of us since sweet Addison arrived! It feels so strange not carrying a diaper bag and a car seat with us everywhere."

    Good for her and Joe taking some time away from the kids! All couples need that.

  • Keep the updates on this cutie-patootie coming!

    And Garrett, too. We love watching their little personalities emerge, and can't wait to find out what mischief they'll get up to together in the future. 

    Whatever shenanigans they pull though, Kendra seems like the kind of mom to roll with it and join in on the fun. She has such a sunny personality, and can't see her getting too bothered by a little bit of mischief.