Jessa Duggar Gets Called Out For Her Son's Birthday Gifts

Henry Seewald, Spurgeon Seewald

Is there anything the moms in the Duggar family can do right? Apparently not -- at least, not where Jessa Duggar is concerned. Now, fans are calling Jessa out for Henry's birthday gifts, because apparently, she and Ben Seewald got him too many this year. But don't worry, because as always, the Counting On star was ready and willing to defend herself against the haters. 

  • It all started with this update from Jessa about Henry turning 3, and a new tradition she started this year. 

    "This year we decided to change things up -- Instead of opening all his gifts at once, we decided to start the week before his birthday and give one gift a day so he would have time to appreciate and really enjoy each one," she wrote. "This was so fun, I think we might turn it into a new tradition!" 

    That's a pretty cool way of doing gifts, especially while Henry's still so little. Toddlers can get overwhelmed by a ton of new stuff at once! But not all of Jessa's followers agreed.

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  • One follower told Jessa she thought Henry's gifts were unnecessary. 

    While it's certainly true that Henry's still young and probably doesn't fully understand the concept of birthdays ... anyone who's ever been to a birthday party knows that one gift for a kid is practically unheard of. And besides, it's Jessa and Ben's decision how to treat their kiddo on his birthday, so if this is what they decided on, why not just enjoy the cute video of this little guy on his special day? 

  • Jessa replied to the comment, explaining her thought process behind these gifts. 

    Even though she totally doesn't need to respond to the haters, Jessa usually likes sharing the way she looks at things, which we can totally appreciate. it's not like Henry was flooded with toys, either (although who cares if he was?). She got him cool gifts and experiences that he could truly get a lot out of at 3 years old, and in the end, it seems like everyone in the family was happy with this choice. 

  • Jessa's kids are happy, healthy, and seem pretty well-behaved, so however she chooses to do birthdays is obviously working. 

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    Henry, Spurgeon, and Ivy are the cutest, and it seems like they all love one another so much. Three years old is such a fun age, so no wonder Jessa and Ben want to celebrate Henry right now ... and gifts like the books and things that he can share with his brother and sister sound like perfectly acceptable birthday treats to us.

    And like we said before -- Jessa's opinion is the only one that matters here! 

  • We hope Henry has an awesome birthday. 

    It looks like he's already off to a great start -- and he has lots of family to celebrate, especially all of his new cousins who have been born over the last several months. Just when we think the Duggar crew couldn't possibly get any bigger, it does.

    Happy birthday, Henry! We hope he enjoys all of his gifts ... and now, we kinda wanna celebrate a weeklong birthday of our own, too.