Mama June Can't Escape Her Money Troubles Amid Family Drama

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June Shannon
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Things are just not looking good for Mama June these days -- and now, it sounds like she's going to continue to be broke, even though her show is coming back. According to a new report, June won't be paid for Mama June: From Not to Hot when it returns next month, so she can't count on her reality show as a source of income ... and that's making us wonder what actually is her source of income these days.

  • Earlier this week, we found out that 'From Not to Hot' is officially coming back.

    Based on everything that's been going on with June over the past year, the future of the show -- and her participation in it -- has been pretty up in the air. But then, a trailer for new episodes of From Not to Hot hit the internet, making it clear that the new season will be all about the "family crisis" that's been going on ... and what happens when June comes back into her family's lives after hopping from hotel to hotel.

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  • But now, it appears June won't be pulling in a paycheck from this season.

    As a source close to the situation told TMZ, June won't be filming enough to make money from the series, because she's not an "active participant." We're guessing this means we won't be seeing much of her. It's possible the season will focus more on how Honey Boo Boo, Pumpkin, and the rest of the family are coping with June's erratic behavior.

    And reportedly, her family is happy that she won't be making money, because that's less she'll have to spend on things she probably shouldn't be spending her money on.

  • It seems like June's been facing financial troubles for a long time now. 

    Last year, not long after June's drug arrest in Alabama with boyfriend Geno Doak, there were rumblings that June was broke and quickly running out of money. The family even addressed it on an episode of the show, with Pumpkin warning her that the bank account was starting to bottom out, but that news didn't seem to provoke June to change her behavior at all.

  • June has even been seen selling off her belongings on Facebook. 

    Last month, June took to Facebook to sell a pair of Nike Jordans, not long after a report surfaced that claimed that June pawned a ring for $1,500. All of these factors combined certainly seem to confirm that June is getting into a really tight spot, and now that she can't rely on the show for income, that's even worse. 

    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like June's had the wakeup call she so desperately needs to clean up her act -- and it's had not only a financial impact on her, but also cost her the relationships she had with her family.

  • We're interested to see in what capacity June will appear in the new episodes. 

    Maybe watching the show will give us a bit of insight into what's been going on behind the scenes outside of the reports that have been rolling in over the past year ... and maybe it'll even remind June how important her family once was to her. 

    Either way, we're really hoping that things turn around for her soon. This has been the saddest situation to watch unfold.

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