Prince William's Under-the-Radar Good Deeds Show What a Class Act He Really Is

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Not that you needed any further convincing that Prince William is a solid dude, but a new report has proven the Duke of Cambridge to be a serious class act. While visiting with families supported by the Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund at St. James’s Palace on Wednesday, it came to light that, for years now, Prince William has been doing something truly incredible for families who have lost a loved one on the police force.

  • Evidently, Prince William regularly writes personal letters to police force families who have been affected by death or injuries.

    It was revealed that the duke often reaches out to officers who have been injured in the line of duty or families who have lost a loved one. 

    While speaking with told Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, who is president of the fund, William said: "I'm trying to write as much as I can to people involved in the emergency services."

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  • And it wasn't just talk. Dick vouched for William's good deeds. 

    Speaking about the duke, Dick said: 

    "He writes quite often to families and sometimes to officers themselves and it's really very much appreciated. He clearly has a passion for supporting people in public service, whether it's defense, military, or emergency services. And with his background experiences, he knows a bit about the challenges these people will face. So many people commented to me you can see the empathy when he is talking to people. It really means a massive amount to them, they know it means something to him. We are lucky to have him as our patron, we are very proud of it. It means a lot to the individuals. Just the fact that he is taking an interest, he speaks not just to these families, but to the wider city, that he’s on our side, he's with us and thinking about us. We in the police see ourselves as very much a family and we want to look after our families on all occasions but particularly if somebody is lost in service."

  • During the reception, William was particularly taken with a few children. 

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    During his meeting with 4-year-old George MacParland, the little boy showed William a teddy bear named Pierre. "My daddy was in the police!" George, whose father died of kidney cancer, told William. The boy's mother Claire then said: "We make sure we always remember Daddy."

    At another point, William was reportedly moved while he spoke with 10-year-old Emma Webb about how he had lost his own mother years ago. "Do you have a memory box?" William asked Emma about her father, who died from cancer. "It's very easy to not talk about it, but you must always talk about it -- it's very important. And if you talk about it, you always keep him alive."

  • William also gave a heartfelt speech during the event. 

    "Our society is defined by how we look after those who keep us all safe," William said. "It matters deeply that we help the families who play such an important role in supporting them.” 

    Clearly, the duke practices what he preaches.

  • Between his letter writing and the recent event he hosted, it appears Prince William isn't taking his role as patron of this charity lightly. 

    prince william
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    After speaking with the duke, Emma spoke to reporters about how it felt good to connect with someone over losing a parent. 

    “It was quite nice when I learned that his mother passed away as well. It was interesting to know," she said. "From what I understood it was that he needed to talk to somebody and it was quite emotional. He said that it’s important to tell somebody and just keep talking so you don’t forget. It feels comforting because I know I am not the only one in the world with this problem."

    William, your work here is done.