16 Ways To Look Like a Royal on a T.J. Maxx Budget

16 Ways To Look Like a Royal on a  T.J. Maxx Budget
Image: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Surprise! The royal family is as into T.J. Maxx as we regular peeps are. Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince Charles (yes, he of impeccable double-breasted suits and dainty pinky rings, the man who actually has a plaid pattern named after his royal title, Prince of Wales) have all made stops at the bargain retailer at one point or another. 

Although the visits -- which were made to T.J. Maxx's sister store in Britain, T.K. Maxx -- were on official business, we suspect that they were also there on the official business ... of saving some dough. And who can blame them? There's nothing wrong with looking like a million bucks without spending that much, which we can definitely do at T.J. Maxx -- whether we're shopping for a special occasion, or just diving into the racks for cheap (but high quality) thrills, or, more tantalizingly, building our own affordable royal style, fashioned after our favorite royals.

Even though we know that royal family's fab four, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Prince William and Prince Harry, all dress with mostly high-end, often custom-made clothing, we can actually imitate their high style right at T.J. Maxx. The retailer has everything we need to do it right: jewelry that only looks expensive, shoes and other accessories with huge markdowns, and of course, racks and racks of shirts, pants, and dresses that would fool anyone into thinking we spent half our paychecks on them. 

Don't feel like hunting in person for affordable versions of the royals' best looks? No problem. Just hit up tjmaxx.com, which has its own stock of cheap-in-price-only finds. Ready to start building a royal-like wardrobe? Check out our list of 16 suggestions found at tjmaxx.com, where plenty more can be had. 

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  • Nude Suede Pumps

    meghan markle wearing yellow dress and nude pumps
    Yui Mok - WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Yellow is a gorgeous, upbeat color for a dress, but picking out a shoe shade that goes well with it can be difficult. Black? Nah. Too New York cab. White? Too babyish. Yellow? No. Just stop. The perfect answer is of course, nude, as Meghan beautifully illustrates with these just-right $665 pair from Manolo Blahnik. It keeps the dress as the focus.

  • Nude Suede Pumps For Less


    This sensible pump is not only a pretty neutral that's perfect for bright or white day time outfits, but it can be a great all-around workhorse. It's a go-to work shoe that can pair with pencil skirts, slacks, and suits; a weekend warrior to set off a pair of cute shorts or sun dress. 

    Charles by Charles David Suede Pointy Toe Pumps, (T.J. Maxx, $35)

  • Emerald Drop Earrings

    kate middleton wearing emerald drop earrings
    Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images
    These stunning emerald drop earrings, which Kate wore to an event in New York in 2014, have a bit of intrigue attached to them. They're part of a set that includes an equally breathtaking emerald and diamond necklace, and we don't know who made them or who gave them to Kate -- only that they were a "private gift." That's highly unusual, given that the royal family always reveals the provenance of gifts from dignitaries. This means they weren't from some billionaire Saudi prince but from a friend with an equally obscene amount of money.

    But who? And why? Probably not the Queen, because she has an immense royal jewelry collection that Kate can borrow from. Probably not her parents, who, although rich, are likely not that larded in dough. Like we said, intriguing.
  • Emerald Green Drop Earrings For Less


    Unlike Kate, we have no billionaire pals who throw precious baubles our way. (In case anyone's interested, we're always open to new friends!) Still, if we must fend for ourselves for jewelry, these lovely green onyx drop earrings will do the trick, at like 1/100,000th of the price. 

    Argento Vivo Sterling Silver and Green Onyx Earrings, (T.J. Maxx, $20)

  • Black Clutch

    kate middleton in a blue dress carrying a black clutch
    Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images
    Kate carried this limited edition bag, a collaboration between luxury brands Aspinal and Beulah, to a children's charity launch. Simple and gorgeous, it features a box shape and croc patterning, and is the perfect size for a phone, cash and cards, and a lipstick.
  • Black Clutch For Less


    Aspinal it ain't, but it's got a lot going for it for such a great price. This clutch by Celine Dion (who knew?!) has a subtler shine and animal skin texturing than Kate's, and it features a bonus: a detachable strap. Drop in a few essentials, and we're good to go. 

    Celine Dion Rfid Boxed Leather Wallet (T.J. Maxx, $32)

  • Black Heels

    kate middleton in black polka dot dress and black heels while pregnant
    Alex Lentati - WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Pretty, pointy and comfy. We'd all agree that those are three great qualities for every day black heels -- especially when we're trying our best to look put together while pregnant when all we really want to do is roll into bed and sleep. 

    Kate's simple black heels fit the bill.

  • Black Heels For Less


    These have a 4-inch heel, but we'd never know it, because they are heaven on the feet. They can go from work to dinner without causing a blister, which is great, even though most of us don't have to shake the hands of 50 people and smile while doing so, like Kate. (There's enough stress in our own work days.)

    Charles by Charles David Pointy Toe High Heel Pumps (T.J. Maxx, $40)

  • Blue Shirt Dress

    Meghan Markle wearing a blue shirt dress
    Ray Tamarra/GC Images/Getty Images
    Meghan Markle kept things simple but quite stylish back in 2016 during a visit to the Today Show. We love the simple black bag and leopard print shoes that complement the effortlessness of the ensemble. It's a pretty easy look to mimic that likely will not break the bank -- which is good for all of us. (If only we had Meghan's net worth.)

    It's breezy with a capital B.

  • Blue Shirt Dress For Less


    Why not go even breezier? This sleeveless version is made for summer weekends -- or mid-winter vacay! -- with its stretchy fabric and pockets. But then again, why not layer it with a sharp blazer? Boom, instant work outfit. 

    Anne Klein Crepe Midi Shirt Dress (T.J. Maxx, $30)

  • Black & White Pattern Dress

    kate middleton wearing a black and white pattern dress
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images
    Kate wore this Tory Burch number to a mental health event early on in her royal life. It's effortlessly simple (looks like one could just put it on and go) and yet, at the same time, it looks instantly sophisticated. Well played, Kate.
  • Black & White Pattern Dress For Less


    Well, well, well. This is the perfect bargain answer to Kate's dress, isn't it? It ticks off all the boxes. It's a tight, black and white pattern that hides imperfections and add definition, a flared skirt to balance, and flattering three-quarter sleeves. Double knit for zero ironing. 


    Max Studio Double Knit Jacquard Dress (T.J. Maxx, $30)

  • Shirt Dress

    meghan markle walking in a green shirt dress
    Mark Large - Pool/Getty Images
    Meghan is queen of the shirt dress, and who can blame her? The style is easy to wear and versatile. She debuted this one in South Africa, when she visited with the women of ActionAid, an organization that fights for the rights of the poor.
  • Shirt Dress For Less


    This dress absolutely nails all the great things about shirt dresses: They're very practical (lots of pockets), they're very stylish (that not-obnoxious popped collar), and they're super easy to wear (how about that drawstring waist?).

    Jones New York Signature Linen Blend Pop Collar Shirt Dress (T.J. Maxx, $30)

  • Floral Tiered Dress

    Kate middleton wearing erdem floral dress at chelsea flower show
    YUI MOK/AFP via Getty Images

    This gorgeous dress by Erdem was a favorite among royal ladies -- no fewer than three of them own it. But Kate totally owned the look when she wore the dress to the 2019 Chelsea Flower Flower Show, where it managed to stand out even among blooming plants.

  • Floral Tiered Dress For Less


    The length and the lace trims make Kate's dress stand out from any crowd. But on this dress, it's the vibrant yellow flowers that set the dress apart, which is shorter and therefore more versatile. We're loving it.

    Donna Morgan (T.J. Maxx, $50)

  • Blue Sport Coat

    prince harry in a blue sport coat talking to people
    Philip Coburn-WPA Pool/Getty Images
    Prince Harry wears blue a lot, and it's no wonder. It's the perfect happy contrast to his red hair and pale skin. His sport coats tend to be simple and nicely tailored, helping him cut a slim and elegant figure no matter what the occasion. 
  • Blue Sport Coat For Less


    But why not give a blue sport coat a bit of a kick with a subtle plaid pattern? It gives the jacket a little unexpected (but not loud!) flair, and it's perfectly appropriate for everything from lunch with clients to a special date. We think Harry would approve!

    Nautica Plaid Seersucker Sport Coat (T.J. Maxx, $70)

  • Gray Sport Coat

    prince william wearing a gray sport coat at wimbledon 2019
    Victoria Jones - WPA Pool/Getty Images
    Light-colored sport jackets can be tricky. Pick the wrong shade, and a man can look washed out and blah. Good thing that Prince William has expert tailors (and Kate!) to help him make the right choice. This sport coat, which he wore to Wimbledon tennis tournament in 2019, has a slightly relaxed fit and just enough hue to make his outfit pop. 
  • Gray Sport Coat For Less


    This sport coat has a silvery gray tone that is universally flattering, and a subtly shiny finish that means a man can dress it up with slacks or down with jeans. Either way, it's a winning look at a fraction of the price that Prince William might pay for something similar. 

    Kroon Soft Wood Sport Coat (T.J. Maxx, $100)  

  • Blue Button Down Shirt

    prince harry wearing blue shirt and lei at bondi beach
    Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images
    For a fun day at Bondi Beach with OneWave surfing and mental health nonprofit during his and Meghan's Australian tour, Harry chose a shirt the color of the sea and his eyes. He looks amazing in blue, which is one of his go-to colors for casual tops.

    (A lei is the perfect accessory!)
  • Blue Button Down Shirt For less


    Perfect casual button down for men, or perfect shirt to steal from a boyfriend? No reason this ultra soft linen winner, in a stonewashed blue, can't be both. It's also the perfect length for wearing outside trousers or tucking in without weird bulging.   

    Rodd & Gunn Harris Bay Linen Shirt (T.J. Maxx, $50)

  • Blue Pants

    prince william wearing blue chinos on south wales trip
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images
    Dudes have it so easy, don't they? Although we have 15 pant styles for one color, they get to pull on a pair of plain blue pants and call it a day, and as long as they're good quality, they'll look pulled together. Exhibit A: Prince William, on a recent trip to South Wales. 
    (Cute heart scarf, Kate!)
  • Blue Pants for Less


    Boom. Great looking pants for 15 bucks -- and they have all kinds of great features for the price: Four pockets (because no purse), a relaxed fit, and stretchy material for, ya know, pick-up basketball games after work. 

    Check 'em out, Wills!

    Dockers Signature Stretch Relaxed Pants (T.J. Maxx, $15)

  • Fitted Chinos

    prince harry wearing blue chinos at heads together launch
    Ben Pruchnie/WireImage/Getty Images
    Prince Harry loves himself some chinos. It's what he and big brother Prince William wear to semi-casual events instead of jeans. This pair is a stylish example of a solid, tapered fit that looks sleek and emphasizes Harry's fit, rangy figure.
  • Fitted Chinos For Less


    Tapered chinos? Yes, please. Bulbous ones that look like they're trying to turn a man into an apple need not apply, nor do uber-tight ones that look like they're choking the goods. These are just perfect to help any man look as put-together and fit as Prince Harry. 

    Bonobos Washed tapered Fitted Chinos (T.J. Maxx, $30)

  • Skinny Pants

    Prince william and kate middleton in cornwall
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    Now this is how one does skinny pants for men. Fitted all the way through the leg but just enough room at the top to leave something to the imagination. When Prince William wore these to a trip to Cornwall, lots of people wondered whether she had put him on a diet, because he looked so trim.

  • Skinny Pants For Less


    These are yummy. There's nothing quite like a well-dressed man, and because that no longer means wearing a suit and tie or baggy pastor pants, these skinny-through-the-legs pants that leave a bit of room up top are a perfect choice to look polished.  

    Louis Raphael Skinny Fit Stretch Pants (T.J. Maxx, $17)

  • Leather Belt

    prince williams and kate middleton in pakistan
    Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images
    Prince William is 6'3", and someone that tall is a lot to take in visually -- not that we mind! That means that having a good belt in the middle of his body keeps his figure in balance and, of course, helps his pants stay in place. A belt provides a nice finishing touch to any outfit.
  • Leather Belt For Less


    It may seem a bit crazy to invest in a good leather belt when cheap ones are a dime a dozen, and are people really looking there anyway? The answer is yes, we are, and there's nothing that ruins a nice outfit on a man quicker than a crappy belt that's coming apart. Belts do a lot (keep pants in place and pull a look together), so invest in a decent one. 

    Armani Collezioni Men's Leather Luxury Belt (T.J. Maxx, $60)

  • Dressy Watch

    prince harry manning the phones at ICAP charity event
    HEATHCLIFF O'MALLEY/AFP via Getty Images

    LIke many military men, Prince Harry has a large collection of watches, including a relatively affordable $2,000 Breitling, a brand that many pilots prefer, which he wore to a charity event at a brokerage firm. It was the perfect accessory for his suit.

  • Dressy Watch For Less


    Blending beauty and function, this is the perfect watch for someone who thinks of himself as more of a man of action than a man of leisure. In fact, it's submersible up to 330 feet, so scuba divers, knock yourselves out! The blue face, though, gives the watch an extra dressed-up look.

    Diesel Men's Chrono Overflow Bracelet Watch (T.J. Maxx, $90)

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