Meghan Markle 'Daddy's Girl' Rumors Makes the Rift With Her Father So Much Sadder

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Well, this is just about the surprise of the century. According to a source who was once close with the Duchess of Sussex, it sounds like Meghan Markle was a "daddy's girl" at one point in her life. Crazy! Hopefully, Thomas Markle isn't hoping their former dynamic is ever going replicate itself -- because after all the scathing interviews he's given in the past year, it's safe to assume those days are ovah

  • A supposed family friend told Fox recently that in junior high, Meghan was super close with her dad. 

    Apparently, during a good chunk of Meghan's formative years, she lived with her father (her parents were already divorced at that point). According to the source, Thomas and Meghan's relationship was rock solid during the '90s. 

    "Meghan was a very happy, determined girl," the insider said. "She was very close with her dad."

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  • The source went on to say that, when Meghan was young, Thomas was viewed as a consistent parent. 

    "Her dad was primarily taking care of her after Meghan's parents divorced," the insider said. "He would always come by and pick her up at friends' houses, bring Meghan with him to the lighting studios he worked at, soap operas, commercials, you name it."

    They added that Thomas was at Meghan's school "all of the time."

    "She was a daddy's girl. He was always picking her up and bringing her places," the source continued.

  • Apparently, there was only one time Thomas was "disappointed" in his daughter. 

    ... when she decided to go to school at Northwestern University, which is in a Chicago suburb -- a long way from his then-home in Los Angeles.

    "The only time Thomas was upset with anything Meghan did was when she went off to study college in Chicago," the friend said. "But of course, that was just because he was going to miss her. It was hard for him to watch her go, but he was so proud."

  • So, where did they go wrong?

    Uhh, it probably started when Thomas staged paparazzi photos of himself being fitted for a suit and reading a book on Britain before the wedding -- little embarrassing. 

    And then of course there are the countless interviews he's given about his daughter and Prince Harry since the couple tied the knot. Heck, in the last month alone, Thomas has given a number of interviews about the Sussexes, even calling her "embarrassing" in one of them!

    How could Meghan ever be a "daddy's girl" after the things he's done and said?

  • If Meghan really was close with her father back in the day, no doubt about it, it's sad to see what their relationship has become. 

    But how could they ever fully repair their relationship after everything that's happened in the past two years? Thomas has been the one embarrassing his daughter.

    Who knows if things will be different now that Harry and Meghan have taken a step back from the royal family? But if we were Thomas, we wouldn't hold our breath for a big reunion any time soon.

    It's going to take a while to fix all that he's done.