Meghan Markle May Be 'Really Regretting' Giving Up Her Acting Career

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When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sat down for their engagement interview in 2017, she was asked if she was sorry to be leaving her acting career behind. Quickly, the Duchess of Sussex said that she felt she had "ticked that box" and was ready to move on to new and exciting things. However, according to a royal biographer, Meghan may be regretting her decision to leave show biz behind in order to become part of the royal family. 

  • According to Sally Bedell Smith, Meghan "really regrets" giving up her career as an actress to join the royal family. 

    Smith, who's written biographies of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana, shared her thoughts in an interview last week.

    "It is the 21st century, and she was highly unusual [compared to other royal wives] in having been a successful professional woman who was putting aside that whole part of her life [to marry Harry]," Smith told Vanity Fair. "It seems now that she really regrets having had to give that up, and what she was expected to do in the royal family didn’t compare with what she had been accustomed to."

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  • Smith also alluded to the fact that joining the royal family is never what it seems. 

    "In entering the royal family, which provides innumerable advantages and perks in exchange for doing official duties and charitable work, you really have to renounce a lot of things that may have meant a lot to you and dedicate yourself to an institution that’s 1,000 years old," she said. "It may be that Meghan didn't see it in those terms."

  • Although Harry and Meghan's whirlwind romance may have seemed romantic, according to Smith, it may have put Meghan at a disadvantage. 

    "William and Kate had eight years together and for two full years leading up to their engagement, he was very carefully bringing Kate into the royal family. She learned how to shoot and about the country activities they enjoy," Smith said. "When they were at St. Andrews, she spent time in Scotland on the Balmoral estate. She was able to spend some time just sort of absorbing what royal life was like ... and the Palace began to expose her to the public in a deliberate way."

    Meghan, obviously, wasn't able to ease into royal life. Instead, she was thrust into a limelight so intense that her acting career couldn't have possibly prepared her for it.

  • Will Meghan return to acting now that she's no longer a senior member of the royal family?

    Perhaps. Or perhaps she'll carve out a new path for herself as a philanthropist, and quite possibly, a voiceover artist. (As many know, Harry was recently seen pitching Meghan's voiceover skills to Disney CEO Bob Iger.)

    Whatever Meghan decides to do, one thing is certain: She's going to know what she's getting herself into. And needless to say, she'll be great at it.