Jessica Simpson Reveals Why Her Marriage to Nick Lachey Didn't Work

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Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson
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Thinking back to a time when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were still a thing feels like so long ago. And being that it's been almost 15 years since their divorce, it really was a long time ago. But now, Jessica is opening up about her split from Nick in her memoir, Open Book, and she's not holding back when it comes to why their marriage ultimately just didn't work out.

  • In a new excerpt from her book, Jessica revealed that reality TV played a part in the end of her marriage.

    Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey
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    This is such a bummer to hear because we used to adore watching Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, but it makes sense that it would add pressure on a young couple's relationship, especially right after tying the knot.

    "We were young and pioneering our way through reality television, always mic-ed and always on," Jessica wrote, according to People. "We worked and we were great at it but when it came time to being alone, we weren't great at it anymore. We really got crushed by the media and by ourselves. I couldn't lie to our fans and I couldn't give somebody hope that we were this perfect golden couple."

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  • Despite the way their relationship ended, Jessica seems to have no harsh feelings toward Nick.

    Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey
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    Jessica Simpson continued: 

    "I was really young and my success hadn't really begun. He knew me as this young innocent 18-year-old that had never been introduced to the world in so many ways. I went straight from my father to him. Nick's very smart. He was eight years older than me, but he was also young. We meant a lot to each other and we always will. I want to be very respectful because I married him for a reason and we were together for seven years for a reason. He has a family now and I would never say anything to disrespect that."

    All things considered, this is a really mature way to look at that period of her life -- with no regrets.

  • Many fans have nothing but positive things to say about the former couple.

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    Like these commenters pointed out, Nick and Jessica were fun to watch when they were on TV together. We never doubted that their relationship was the real deal.

    But people grow up and grow apart, and it's good that they recognized their need to move on. We love the respect that Jess has for him, even though they haven't been in each other's lives for many years.

  • We can't wait to read the rest of Jessica's book.

    Between these excerpts about Nick to Jessica opening up about her abuse in an excerpt that was released earlier this week, it seems like she's really sharing everything with fans in Open Book, which will be released on February 4. 

    Her relationship with Nick ended a long time ago, and it appears Jessica's very happy now in her marriage to Eric Johnson (and their three adorable kids don't hurt, either). That's what we love to see!

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