Prince Harry's Net Worth: How the Royal Makes His Money

Prince Harry's Net Worth: How the Royal Makes His Money
Image: Matt Dunham – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry
Matt Dunham – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Though we don't have exact figures, Prince Harry's net worth is estimated at somewhere in the very ritzy neighborhood of $25 to $40 million. Let's just get that out of the way, because some people are worried that Harry and Meghan are going to go broke after leaving the gilded cage called royal life. He's got oodles of money, and factoring in Meghan Markle's net worth, they'll have plenty of opportunities to make more -- so they're going to be fine.

Harry was, of course, born into ridiculous amounts of privilege and wealth. But he is still, hands down, the most remarkable member of the British royal family. He's passionate about the people and issues he cares about, and is not afraid to show it. Harry has also been endowed with a common touch that allows him to connect with people from all walks of life. In short, he seems 100% his mother's son, and in taking the bulls by the horns to making a dramatic move and forging his own path, he's followed in Princess Diana's footsteps.

Harry has always longed to make his own way away from the spotlight that ultimately killed his mom, and at times, he's been extremely vocal about it. In one revealing 2007 interview, he admitted that he was happiest when he was "just Harry" during his time in the British Army and considered leaving public life for good before deciding to stay on as a senior royal to carve out a role for himself for the sake of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Now that he's left (for the sake of his wife and child), Harry's got to find a way to the financial freedom he longs for. But, yes, that is a lot easier when someone has the kind of money he does as a base -- though it is still vastly overshadowed by the queen's ($500 million) and his dad, Prince Charles's $400 million. 

But how exactly did Harry accumulate his wealth? Although much of it was passed down to him in traditional ways of the wealthy, some might be surprised that it didn't all fall into his lap, despite a royal rule that senior members of the family can't make money by working. 

As news and pictures of Harry landing in Canada hit our news feeds, let's take a look at how much money he's taking forward with him, and how he got it.

  • Born Into Immense Wealth

    prince harry as a baby with prince charles and princess diana
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    Prince Harry was born into the British royal family, one of the richest on the planet, on September 15, 1984. The British monarchy's value was estimated at $88 billion in 2017, between assets such as Buckingham and Windsor palaces, an immense collection of art, the Crown Jewels, and the intangible value of the family brand itself. Though the family doesn't personally own the assets (they're held in trust for Britain by the Crown), the family members are all rich in their own right. The Queen's personal net worth, for example, is estimated to be around $500 million.

  • Inheritance from Princess Diana

    prince harry and princess diana
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    When Diana died in 1997, her net worth was $31.5 million, which mostly came from the $22.5 million she got from Prince Charles in their divorce. Her estate also included stock, funds, all of her jewelry, and clothing, including her iconic wedding dress. The biggest beneficiaries were of course Harry and William, though she also included her many godchildren and her butler in her will.

  • $16 Million From Diana's Will

    prince harry and princess diana
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    Like his brother, Prince William, Harry inherited $16 million from Diana, which was held in a trust until he turned 30. The inheritance included jewelry, such as the diamonds used in Meghan's engagement ring, and the aquamarine ring that she wore to their wedding reception.

  • Annual Dividends of $450,000

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    Though Harry received the bulk of his inheritance from Diana when he turned 30, we can probably all agree that he wasn't exactly broke as a young adult. Reportedly, Harry has been receiving $450,000 in dividends since age 25, when he was doing his best to be a partying bad boy. 

  • Diana's Discretionary Fund

    prince harry, meghan markle, kate middleton, prince william walking together
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    In addition to the $16 million that Harry inherited from his mother, she also set up a discretionary fund for Harry and William and their future families, with an initial estimated £100,000 (about $131,200), which has accumulated interest and income from its assets. The current value of the fund is unknown, but we do know that Meghan and Kate also have access to the money.

  • Inheritance From the Queen Mother

    prince harry and the queen mother walking
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    Diana always made sure that Harry didn't feel like he was less valued or loved than his brother, who will one day be king. But apparently, the same can't be said for Queen Elizabeth's mom. "The Queen Mother used to say, 'Come on William come and sit next to me,' and little Harry would be completely left out," journalist Ingrid Seward said in the documentary Harry and Meghan: The Baby Years. Still, when the Queen Mother died in 2002, she left Harry money in her will.

  • Millions From Great-Grandma

    prince harry in carriage with queen mother and princess diana
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    The Queen Mother reportedly left a combined £14 million, or $22.4 million in 2002 money, to Harry and William. But according to the BBC, she left the bulk of it to Harry, because she figured that William will benefit financially from becoming the Prince of Wales (when his father ascends the throne), and then the king. Both positions include trusts worth hundreds of millions.

  • Super Rich Father 

    Prince Charles and Prince Harry
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    Prince Charles' net worth is estimated to be as high as $400 million. That's mostly thanks to his private properties and the annual profits of the Duchy of Cornwall, an estate that includes quarries, agricultural land, and other holdings that was set up in 1337 to provide financial support to the reigning monarch's heir, known as the Prince of Wales.

  • More than $2 Million a Year From Dad

    Prince charles and prince harry in tuxes at our planet premiere
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    Prince Charles has been supporting Harry and Meghan with at least $2 million from the Duchy of Cornwall, which they've used for their travel costs, wardrobe, and personal expenses. After the couple announced that they would be stepping back from being working royals, a source told People that Prince Charles will still support them while they work on becoming financially independent. No amount was specified.

  • In the Army

    prince harry wearing army camouflage
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    People may be surprised that someone like Harry, born into a family with lots of money and privilege, would announce that he wants to stop working for the royal family and getting public and private money to do so -- opting to make his own income. But the fact is he has always longed to be independent, personally and financially, which is why he joined the Army. (He insisted on doing tours of Afghanistan just like other soldiers.)

  • Army Salary

    prince harry in black army uniform and cap
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    Harry had a 10-year military career in the British Army. That's a decade spent serving his country in ways more meaningful than cutting a ribbon or sticking a shovel in dirt to break ground on a new market. Reportedly, Prince Harry earned $50,278 to $53,286 as a helicopter pilot for the Army Air Corps.

  • Investment Portfolio

    prince harry in suit
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    We know next to nothing about how members of the royal family, including Harry, invest their money. But surely they don't just leave all of it lying around, collecting a relatively low interest rate, when they could make a killing in other ways. We did get a glimpse, though, during the Paradise Papers leak of 14 million documents, which exposed the financial dealings of the world's elite. It revealed that Harry's dad, Prince Charles, had invested millions in tax-free offshore funds, and that he'd invested $100,000 in a friend's company, tripling his money to $325,000 just four years later. 

  • Harry's Investments

    prince harry at uk africa investment event
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    We don't know how much of his wealth Harry has invested or in what. But with a father who is obviously financially savvy, and a grandmother who has also made millions via smart investments, we think it's safe to assume that Harry has benefited from sound financial advice.

  • Invictus Games

    prince harry putting medal on winner at invictus games
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    When Harry visited the Warrior Games in the States in 2003, he was inspired to start a similar venture: a multisport competition for international service personnel and veterans. The next games will be held from May 9 to 16 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

  • Invictus Games: It's Not About the Money

    prince harry holding an invictus games onesie
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    As founder and patron of the Invictus Games, Harry draws a salary of exactly zero, in pounds or dollars. We just think it's incredibly cool that he started a sporting event meant to motivate and give shine to veterans. It also displays a talent for entrepreneurship and a willingness to work hard. It bodes well for his future, as he steps out of the royal family fold in search of lasting financial independence.


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