Dog the Bounty Hunter's Daughters Go Off on His Rumored New Girlfriend

Dog The Bounty Hunter, Lyssa Chapman

When it comes to Dog the Bounty Hunter's reported love life after his wife, Beth Chapman, passed away last year, his daughters definitely aren't keeping quiet. Lyssa and Cecily Chapman rallied against Moon Angell on Twitter once again, and if there really is something going on between Moon and Dog, these ladies are not letting it go. 

  • For fans who might be out of the loop, Dog is rumored to be dating Moon Angell. 

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    Thank you MOON !!!!

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    Moon is a longtime family friend and Beth's former assistant. She reportedly dated one of Dog;s sons at one point, so after finding out that Moon and Dog might be together, Lyssa has stated that she's not a fan.

    At this point, Dog has only confirmed that they're friends and that he needed someone to help him now that Beth's gone.

    ... but it seems like his daughters are telling a bit of a different story. 

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  • On Thursday, Cecily took to Twitter, sharing exactly what she thinks of Moon. 

    "I love my dad and I feel really sorry for him that he's even stuck with this [expletive] cuz I'm sure she's threatening everything and everyone against him just so she can live up in my momma's room #Facts," she mentioned in a colorful tweet.

    In another tweet, she wrote, "Lol only reason the [expletive] is talking [expletive] now is because she thinks the block button is gonna help her the only one ruining my dad is #MOON and her nasty children who are all con artist ask the people who got robbed by them many times." 

    Later, she added, "In fact get out of my mother's bed." 


  • Lyssa also took the opportunity to share more of her thoughts on Moon too. 

    It's hard to say exactly what's going on behind the scenes with the Chapmans, but whatever it is, these girls aren't happy -- and we really hope this doesn't end up causing a rift between them and their dad after everything they've been through in the past year.

  • We're dying for more details about this situation.

    As more drama develops, there's no doubt in our minds that Lyssa and Cecily will continue sharing their thoughts about it (and spilling the tea) on social media. 

    But in all sincerity, we do hope Dog is OK and not being taken advantage of by anyone. He doesn't deserve that!

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