Miley Cyrus Goes Topless in New Pics With Boyfriend Cody Simpson

Miley Cyrus, Cody Simpson

Leave it to Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson to get people talking! Recently, Miley shared a topless photo while she was hanging out with Cody after the celebrity couple hit the gym together. We can't say we're surprised, given how scandalous some of their couple-y posts have been so far, but fans definitely have a lot of opinions about it. 

  • First, Miley shared a mirror pic from the gym.

    Cody's obviously back there working hard, while Miley is busy posing -- two different ideas of "werking out" indeed.

    But it wasn't really this photo that got people talking -- it was the one that came after it.

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  • Next, Miley shared a photo that was clearly topless. 

    Apparently, Miley didn't want to listen to Cody Simpson's song (likely to his disappointment)... and that's where these tiny earbuds came in! (Handy!)

    Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson have been going strong since late last year after photogs spotted the longtime friends getting cozy. Their relationship comes after the "Wrecking Ball" songstress and girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter broke up after a summer fling -- and that was after Miley and Liam Hemsworth's split after less than a year of marriage.

  • But it seems people are more focused on Miley going topless and have more than a few things to say about it.

    Facebook comments

    As far as Miley's scandalous photo goes, people aren't having it.

    These commenters are certainly fired up, but then again, isn't this what happens when it comes to almost anything related to Miley? She's hardly the first -- or the last or the only --celebrity to pose like this on Instagram. Miley seems happy in her relationship, so maybe we can let this one slide.

  • We have a feeling there are a lot more pics like this.

    Like we said, all that matters is that she's happy. Miley's love life has been somewhat of a roller coaster over several months. But now, it seems like she and Cody are here to stay -- and that could be a very good thing for her. 

    We hope she ignores the haters and keeps doing her own thing. Then again, this is Miley we're talking about. Of course she will!

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