18 Times Kate Middleton Showed Off Her Outdoorsy Side

Nicole Pomarico | Jan 21, 2020 Celebrities
18 Times Kate Middleton Showed Off Her Outdoorsy Side
Image: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Most of the time, when we see Kate Middleton, she's polished and pulled together. Whether she's by Prince William's side at night at a fancy event or fulfilling her royal duties during the day, no one knows how to pull off a gorgeous dress (or evening gown) quite like the Duchess of Cambridge. But Kate's not just good at showing up for the indoor, formal stuff -- nope, this lady has quite an outdoorsy side, and she's not afraid to let it show. No matter what the occasion calls for, she's down for it. She can do it all!

No matter what the situation calls for, it always seems like Kate is ready and willing to give it a try. She's hung out with scouts, she's tried her hand at archery, she's played a little football -- and each time, she has the perfect outfit on hand for whatever the activity of the day happens to be (duh). These must be the same qualities that make Kate a fun mom to Charlotte, George, and Louis. They're so lucky to have her! 

Here are all the times that Kate showed off her outdoorsy side. Whether she's sitting around a campfire in the snow (which, believe it or not, has happened on several occasions), sailing in a regatta, or taking a breathtaking hike with Will, it appears she truly loves getting outside and being one with nature, and yes, she looks good doing it. 

If only we all looked this good participating in physical activities! 

  • Visiting a Wildlife Garden

    Kate Middleton
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    Kate isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, and when she's ready to spend a day outdoors, she definitely dresses for it. Everything from her jacket to her pants to her boots are perfection, and somehow (although not surprisingly) she managed to even coordinate with the trees.

  • By the Fire

    Kate Middleton, Prince William
    Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

    Many of Kate's royal duties bring her to the outdoors ... and not always during warm and beautiful weather, either. But Kate didn't let the snow stop her and Will from meeting these kids -- and gathering with them around a campfire.

  • A Little Ice Hockey

    Kate Middleton
    Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    We've really gotta hand it to Kate after seeing this photo -- even though she may not be a pro at certain sports, she always gives it a try. Here she is, doing her best at ice hockey. We've never seen this lady shy away from trying something new! 

  • Hiking in Bhutan

    Kate Middleton
    Samir Hussein/Pool/WireImage

    When Will and Kate visited Bhutan, they hiked some of the most beautiful scenery the area had to offer. And of course, Kate totally dressed the part. We can't say we've ever looked this put together for a day of hiking outside, but she's killing it here.

  • A Bow & Arrow

    Kate Middleton, Prince William
    Samir Hussein/Pool/WireImage

    We're not sure that Kate ever imagined that archery would fall in her royal duties, but somehow, it did -- and she totally looked like she knew what she was doing with that bow and arrow! And once again, we've gotta hand it to her -- her hair and outfit are amazing.

  • On Safari in India

    Kate Middleton, Prince William
    Samir Hussein/Pool/WireImage

    This photo was taken while Kate and Will took an open air safari in a jeep during a visit to India, and how precious are they? Seems like such a fun activity, and we can't imagine what awesome animals they must have gotten to see.

  • On an Adventure

    Kate Middleton, Prince William
    Chris Jackson-WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Even if it requires a helmet, Kate's down! Will and Kate visited an outdoor activity center, and as we can see from this photo, they also got to participate in some of the activities -- and they looked good doing it. We're loving those hiking boots on Kate!

  • Going Camping

    Kate Middleton
    WPA Pool / Getty Images

    If we've learned anything about Kate, it's that she knows what she's doing when she's around a campfire. She's always been good with kids -- that much is obvious, given what a great mom she is to her own three. But here, she totally looks in her element. 

  • Doing a Little Gardening

    Kate Middleton
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    It wouldn't be enough for Kate to simply visit a garden. Nope -- she's gotta plant a succulent while she's there. If anyone can pull off gardening in a sundress, it's this lady. And from the look of that smile on her face, it appears she was having a great time doing it.

  • Visiting a Wildlife Habitat

    Kate Middleton
    Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

    Spending a whole day out among nature? Don't worry -- Kate's got an outfit for that, too! Her jacket and low pony are both low key and functional while still being cute, but what we really love about this look are her boots with the tassels. So cute.

  • A Nature Festival

    Kate Middleton
    Steve Parsons - WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Leave it to Kate to wear a floral dress to a garden -- and not let it (or those heels she's wearing) get in the way of hitting the playground with kids at the event. She looks right at home here, proving that she's definitely got quite an outdoorsy side.

  • The Chelsea Flower Show

    Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William
    Geoff Pugh - WPA Pool/Getty Images

    We know about Kate's outdoorsy side, but here, the Queen got a chance to show it off, too. Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, and Kate all gathered for the Chelsea Flower Show, and although they didn't have to get dirty, it definitely still counts.

  • A Bit Of Skiing

    Kate Middleton
    Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

    This photo was taken a long time ago -- like while Kate and Will were still dating, that long ago -- but it just goes to show that Kate's been into sporty, outdoorsy stuff for a long time. A little skiing on a day off? Why not?

  • At the Regatta

    Kate Middleton
    Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    Kate's always been open about her passion for sailing, and she's not bad at it, either. This photo was taken during the 2019 regatta, and not only did she look cute, but she also did pretty well for herself. Next, we need to see her teach Charlotte her skills!

  • Sailing in Canada

    Kate Middleton, Prince William
    Karwai Tang/WireImage

    Here's Kate, behind the wheel again! She and William got to go sailing in Canada, and she looks like a total pro (probably because she is). Also, how cute is the fact that they're wearing nearly matching jackets? So cute.

  • Making a Fort With the Scouts

    Kate Middleton
    Eddie Mulholland - WPA Pool/Getty Images

    Kate has visited the scouts on more than one occasion, and although she might be a member of the royal family, there's no chance she'd refuse getting down in the dirt with the kids. And for the record, that's a pretty awesome fort.

  • Around the Fire in the Snow

    Kate Middleton
    Andy Stenning WPA - Pool/Getty Images

    Here she is, in the snow again -- and by the fire. Is it just us, or is this one of the outdoor activities where she seems the happiest? She might be freezing (OK, she's definitely gotta be freezing), but she looks like she's out there having a blast.

  • A Bit of Football

    Kate Middleton
    Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    Honestly, is there any sport or outdoor activity that Kate says no to? We don't think so! Here she is, getting ready to play a little football -- or soccer, as we call it in the U.S. How is it possible that her sneakers match her jacket so perfectly?

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